The beginning of "the Bartletts"

Malcolm and I were first introduced in my 1st year at university in 2008 when he was in 3rd year. I, as a first year Arts student was totally intimidated by this 3rd year Science student! We met through my digs mates with whom he studied, and he was often around the house. He still feels guilty that it was his 20th birthday party at my digs (which I hadn't been informed about) that kept me up the night before my psych exam.
this is the first photo of us together... May 2008
Now you must understand, most girls have their "list" of requirements for their future-husband (right? It's not just me?)... I've had one since grade 9 and it was quite straight forward: 
he must love Jesus, be taller than me, and his surname must start with a B so I can keep my initials when we marry
I discovered towards the end of 2009 that Malcolm did in fact meet all the requirements (Thanks, Chon!) and, soon enough, some friends and Mum all knew about "superman" and his dreamy eyes... and that I was going to marry him!

I'd often be hanging around on the varsity lawns (doing homework!) and Malcolm would pass by on his way to the science building and sometimes stop by to chat. Somewhere in our chatting I mentioned I was looking for a new place to stay, and it was because of this that Malcolm asked Jayd for my number because he had a "proposition"... Yep, at the beginning of 2010 Malcolm asked me if I wanted to move in. This was before he had any romantic ideas about me, and thank goodness I said no to his digs, or we may never have dated! 

However, because he had my number, we'd text each other now and then and we'd see each other on campus quite frequently as he passed by. My opportunity to spend more time with him came along when I learned that Malcolm wanted to learn German... I thought it could be nice to learn my "mother-language", so I organised with some friends to make up a class large enough for the language lab at varsity to run a course. While attending these lessons, Malcolm and I had the chance to spend time waiting for class to start, and we both started arriving earlier and earlier. At some point during class one day, Malcolm looked over at me and it occurred to him that he really liked me (He can still remember that moment... aww!). 

Soon after, on a Wednesday afternoon in May, sitting on a grassy bank under a tree on campus we started "officially" dating. It wasn't too difficult for Malcolm because as he started trying very awkwardly to ask if I'll be his girlfriend, I blurted out "Malcolm, I want to marry you" (yep, subtlety is my super-power), to which he responded "mm maybe we should wait a while".

What followed was a dating-period of picnics, my 21st, my baptism, road-trips, dress-up parties, family-visits, my graduation, icecream-dates, coffee-dates... and many hours on campus under our tree. 

Sometime during December, Malcolm and his family came to visit my family - it was a wonderful day being surrounded by them all and my eyes saw for the first time what "my family" might look like in the future. It was definitely a future that both Malcolm and I wanted to spend together. And, of course, he knew from the start that I was happy to be his wife! 

After 1 year, 7 months and 13 days, on the first of January 2012, Malcolm proposed. 

I had gone to Durban for new years, after which we planned to go with Mum and Dad to Imfolozi game reserve for a couple days. On the first day of the new year, after staying up til midnight with his family, Malcolm, his sister Cara, and I woke up early to go to the beach to watch the sunrise. It was a lovely start to the day and if I suspected anything to happen I thought it would have been there! We spent the rest of the day with his family and in the afternoon we all went to the Durban Botanical Gardens. After tea at the coffee shop Malcolm suggested we take a walk... after walking around and around (and me getting quite annoyed with his insistence that we keep walking til we find a nice, private place) we stopped to sit down. We chatted for a bit, til Malcolm asked me to stand up, and then to close my eyes... I started suspecting something was up, and sure enough, when I opened my eyes he was on one knee and asked me to marry him! I said "yes", duh! 
As we walked back to his family, I called mine and then frantically smsed friends to tell them! We took some photos in the gardens and then had a celebratory feast made by his mom.

 I woke up the next morning super-excited to see the ring on my finger, and to head to my parents to celebrate with them :) It was so so lovely because he knew that what was most important to me was having family around to celebrate, and his timing was perfect for that!

The rest of the year followed with us happily engaged and getting used to that "engaged" status on our facebook! 

We had a whole 9 months of waiting before we set the date, which we did in September 2012, giving us 6 months to plan the wedding. It was really a team-effort and we appreciate EVERYBODY who contributed to it... the venue, catering, flowers, decor, invitations, stationary... so much was done for us out of kindness and with love! 

Our wedding was absolutely beautiful and It truly was the most wonderful day that marked the beginning of... "the Bartletts"! 

For more about our wedding, check here... 

And this is only the beginning?!!?


  1. Thanks, Rain :) as long as I don't get poisoned mid-way as seems typical of fairy-tales, I'm happy with that compliment :D

  2. This is seriously such a beautiful story!! Love it! love Katie

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

  3. Excellent, I am proud, God bless you and your husband. From Senzelwe Mzila, I saw Mrs Bentley earlier. This year, it was great..

    1. Thanks, Senzo! Aw I hope you gave her a hug! It has definitely been a great year!

  4. Aw, Erica, reading this makes me so happy inside. Thank you for your blog!

    1. I'm so glad, and it's a pleasure!

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog and love it, very sweet story! Can't wait to read more of your adventures!!