Quick catch-up

If you've just started reading our blog, and are wondering who we are and how we got here, here's where you need to be! 

I'm Erica, and Malcolm is my husband. We're the Bartletts, est. 2013. 
We grew up and lived all our lives in South Africa, and now find ourselves in Germany because Malcolm got the amazing opportunity to do his PhD at a university here.
This blog documents our adventure since leaving the country we still consider our home.
to sum it up so far... 

May 2010 - we started dating, thanks to a German course that Malcolm took in order to prepare for his dream of studying in Germany and which I took because I wanted to learn my mother-langauge properly (a.k.a. wanted to get to know Malcolm. Most expensive plot to get to know a guy.).

January 2012 - after dating for 20ish months we got engaged in Durban, South Africa. Happy happy!

September 2012 - Malcolm applied for funding to do his doctorate. We set our wedding date.

November 2012 - Malcolm heard that his Masters thesis needed to be submitted by the end of the year. More about that here.

December 2012 - Malcolm submitted his Masters thesis an hour before the deadline!

February 2013 - Malcolm got a job! We found out the funding was approved.

March 2013 - We found out we needed to be in Germany by June. We got married on the 23rd.

April/May 2013 - Crazy month of planning... visa, police clearance, proof of accommodation, proof of funding, proof of health insurance, health certificate, Biometric photos, arranging that I could stay with Malcolm, resigning from jobs, looking at flights, sorting out bank accounts, watching the Rand plummet, selling and giving away most of our things, packing what remained (Thanks, parents, for taking care of what we left behind!), squeezing our possessions down to 75kgs. Stress. But so many people were really supportive and God was so faithful.

May 29 - We left South Africa. Check out the drama here.

May 31 - We arrived at our new home for the next 4 months.

October 1 - After living 4 months in Cologne, we moved to our apartment in Marburg where we'll be for about 3 years. 

Since living in Marburg, Malcolm started his Doctorate, and I acquired part time work and various activities to keep me busy. 

In June 2014 our apartment building, housing students with their families had a fire in the basement and was evacuated. It first seemed like it'd be a quick fix and we'd be back, but as it turned out, after months of moving and being hosted by kind friends and church members, our contract there was terminated and we needed to find a more permanent fix. Long story short, after 7 months, we're back in the neighbourhood we were before, same street, different apartment. Excited to see what God does with us here! 

Many adventures to follow!

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