Wednesday, 11 January 2017


December evokes a lot of mixed feelings. 
There's the anticipation and excitement for Christmas. There's the stress of getting work done before the Christmas break. Of organising gifts. Of various Christmas parties and celebrations. And the guilt caused by the meaning of "Advent" where I feel like I should be slowing down and reflecting on the season instead of being too exhausted to think. 

So december was a busy month, but a good one. 

We baked cookies. Lots of cookies.

You'll notice Malcolm all wrapped up because our heating wasn't working we didn't know how to work the heating.

Malcolm delighted children at KinderClub by being BonBonMan and letting children chase him down and rip this suit to shreds to get the sweets.

We went to Christmas parties (finally made it to Malcolm's research group's party, 4th year lucky!)

We did Christmas shopping. And coffee drinking. And managed to post some cards before Christmas. And got crafty for some Christmas presents.

We baked mince pies, just in time! 

Christmas Eve was spent celebrating with friends after attending church. 

And playing with the kids' presents...

Christmas Day was spent cosily at home, in festive Christmas socks.

The days between Christmas and New Year were full of getting things done at home and going for walks, enjoying the December sun before grey January arrives.

On New Year's eve we took a last selfie for the year, and went to church with some friends. 

We nearly froze waiting for the bus in below-zero temperatures, then came home. We hung out with friends, eating pizza and playing cards. Celebrated at 11pm when our families in our home-countries entered the new year year, and then celebrated again at 12 as we entered it. Outside the fireworks went crazy and we could watch a few from our window, through the fog and smoke. 
The end of 2016!