Friday, 30 December 2016



The start of October is the anniversary of our move to Marburg. 3 years! We went into the city for lunch at the restaurant we went to when we first arrived, and the super-misty day reminded me why I wasn't crazy about Marburg on our arrival. It was nice to stroll around and reminisce of our first days in town and how much has and hasn't changed since then. 

October generally has miserable weather. One day, we decided it was a perfect day for a walk. We started out with our flask of tea and headed towards the forest. And then it started to rain and we're not that tough so we sat on a bench close by, and had our tea under an umbrella. 

The whole of Summer we'd tended carefully sporadically to our plants, and were rather pleased when our chili's survived and even did pretty well. The problem is, that we don't actually eat much spicy food and I hardly cook with it. But, we managed to give some away and the rest spiced up whatever happened to be for supper. 

On the Day of Unification in Germany, there's always a cultural festival in Marburg. We went to it, and were happy to find a stand selling Samosa's. A taste of home! On the stage inside the theatre, there were songs and dances from various cultures and it was really interesting to watch.

The weather improved and lent itself to pretty Autumn walks. I love the light in Autumn. One day we went for a walk with a friend who took us to an apple orchard just down the road and we picked apples. My first time! 

The start of October also brought the end of ballet classes for me. I could have kept going longer, but because I could only terminate my contract at the end of September or end of December, I decided to stop sooner rather than later. So I soaked up every moment of my last class, took a few selfies to commemorate the moment, held back tears now and again, and then packed my shoes away. Although, I'm confident they'll come out again! 

In October, some concrete baby-preparation-steps were taken, and we acquired a wee little bed from the ebay classifieds. 
Since it was already disassembled when I bought it, we set it up "just to see how it looked" with every intention of storing it away again. But, a few months down the line, it's still there. It's just a cool reminder and nice to see, plus, since there's no baby in it yet, it became quite useful for hanging clothes on ;) 

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