Saturday, 31 December 2016



November is awesome because everything turns Christmassy and even just a walk through town feels a little magical. 

We also got our first snow, which only lasted a couple of days, but was exciting! 

In baby-preparation, we started transforming our little storage room (1.2x1.6m) into a baby-nook. Here's a look at it before (although an old shelf with stuff in it had already been cleared out), and maybe one day there'll be an after. 

And baby clothes! Baby clothes is just so cute! And expensive! 

We also found out the gender of our little one, who started looking incredibly human, and had a little fun in telling friends the news with sprinkle-filled cookies. 

In Marburg. we attended "Marburg Buy Night" again, where the city's favourite building are lit up in garish colours. It's fun to squeeze through crowds though! 

We didn't stay out too long, because the next morning we headed to Bonn to visit Tante Ursel and Onkel Arno. The Bonn Christmas market had opened, so we wandered around there, enjoyed hot chocolate, and spent a cosy evening in their apartment before going to our hotel. 

The next morning Tante Ursel wasn't feeling too well, so we went out with Onkel Arno. Back to the Christmas market, and then to a museum, and then to their apartment for coffee and cake after lunch.

After we said goodbye to them, we returned to Marburg via Cologne. Since we lived there we wanted to visit the Christmas market, but it's never worked out to make a special trip to see it. So an hour or two spent wandering around it and enjoying the lights (and spending our last euros and cents on a Christmas ornament where the man felt sorry for us not having the full amount), was so worth it. 

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