Friday, 30 December 2016

A birthday-themed blog. September.

The year is nearly over, so I think I'd better catch up here quickly. 
My absence has been due to a few factors... that the laptop has needed repairs (or actually just a good vacuum, can you believe it?), that day to day life has been rather mundane, that I've been really busy, and that I switched to journalling in a book where not the whole world (ok, only 3.2 billion people, not the whole world) have access. 

Anyway. Onwards! 


I turned 27! I thought I'd been 27 for a while, because I often calculate my age from Malcolm's. So for the 6 months between Malcolm's birthday and mine, I also feel a year older... so turning "only" 27 seemed like a nice surprise... 
And then Malcolm started the day by surprising me with my favourite things. Brownies in bed for breakfast AND smarties. 

Later, another surprise arrived - all the way from South Africa. Mum had sent me some granola bars and Provitas after I lamented that Germany's cereal bars and savoury crackers just don't measure up. 

That afternoon, I had my English kids' group in the city, and afterwards as I sat in front of the one church with a beautiful view of the city, I skyped home. Malcolm met me afterwards and we went out for supper and then wandered through the city. 

September also saw me experience a German children's birthday party. The birthday girl turned 5, and celebrated at a playground nearby. I haven't been to any children's parties as an adult, but I don't think much was vastly different. EXCEPT one thing. I was most fascinated by the healthiness of the snacks, and the fact that the birthday cake was cheesecake. 

For reference, I use the following photos of me at my 4th, 5th and 6th birthdays... Do you see fruit? Do you?! And are those MSG coated Niknaks that I am so delighted by?!? 
(Ok, little Kevin looks a little saddened by them, but I'm pretty sure both his parents are German. I kid you not.) 

It's not too clear what's in those bowls, but I honestly have no recollection of fruit at parties. And when I think of class-parties or ballet parties, I feel a little ill at the thought of the amount of sugar and oily chips that were consumed. 
Anyway, the party was fun and I finally learned a version of "Happy Birthday" that was in German, and am relieved that there's an alternative to "Heppy Bösday tooo yooo".
I few days later as I cycled past the playground on my way to work there was still evidence of the occassion, though it looked a little like a crime scene. Next time the theme can be Tatort

In staying with the birthday theme, another fun part of September was telling friends that I'm pregnant. I hit the 12 week mark around my birthday so along with having my appetite back, I was glad to be able to tell our friends. Sharing the news and seeing their reactions made it all so much more real.

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