Saturday, 31 December 2016


What a year. 

I had great hopes for it as we headed into the year, and seeing so many prayers answered and so many of my heart's longings fulfilled fills me with gladness. 

Some highlights...
We started the year celebrating with friends. I finally got exercising regularly and feeling okay about myself (let's ignore my current state...). We went on adventures to other cities. Celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary in Amsterdam. We celebrated friends becoming parents. Malcolm turned 28 and finally saw Marburg from above. We saw a glimpse of the Czech Republic and what God is doing with international students in Europe. We had a slow summer with lots of icecream. I turned 27. Malcolm's research has gone really well. We found out we're going to be parents, and have been fascinated by the little girl growing inside me. Anabel came to visit, Malcolm went to China. We enjoyed cities lit up for Christmas, and celebrated the birth of our Lord and Saviour. 

Oh, what a year it has been! This year has seen so many tears, so many anxious moments. So many times that I've felt weak and helpless and fragile. And so many moments when I've lifted my eyes to the Lord and seen what He has done. 

I am so thankful for another year, for the opportunities we've had, and for our God who carries us. 

We wish you a very, very happy and prosperous 2017. 

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