Thursday, 31 March 2016


Since I'm in blogging-mode, and my schedule is free-er due to the school and university holidays, here it is! A March update on the last day of March!

Firstly, I completely forgot, but the beginning of February marked 1 year living in ONE place! It's been such a good year, and seeing the seasons change from our window (or balcony...) was amazing and held us spell-bound. I'm so thankful for our little home here!

March started off slowly... I wasn't too sure what to make of it. On one hand, it's the month of our anniversary and Easter, but my head was a little all over the place and both seemed to come up awfully fast.

At work, I've been working on the project to adapt Think Home, which I've really enjoyed. I think it'll be a really good resource, and it's made me think a lot about what it'll be like to go home one day... whenever that may be. A definite high-light of the month was getting to pray with and for a little boy who gave his life to the Lord in KinderClub. What a privilege!

Another highlight was helping to plan and host a baby-shower for a friend. I've only ever been to one before, so it was a bit of a learning curve but sooo much fun. The theme was pink (since it's a girl) and it was fun playing some silly games and having some girly time while Malcolm hung out with the dad-to-be.

Malcolm worked hard, and tried to get things moving since the end of the month would get busier. Sometimes that meant working really late hours, or going in on a weekend. It's not ideal, but then at least I get to go visit him, and marvel at the impressive building. I can't help but feel proud of him when I see him working at what he does so well. This final year has him a little nervous to get things done, and me a little nervous about what we'll do next. But we're praying for God's guidance in every aspect since the future is so uncertain, but also full of opportunity.

Then came our trip to Amsterdam, which I think is documented enough. It was such a treat and a great way to celebrate 3 years married. We also crossed the mark of longer married than dating/engaged :)

We got back home on Good Friday, and then on the Saturday we enjoyed the good weather (finally!) celebrating a friend's birthday grilling at the river. It was so good to feel sunshine again, even if only for a day!

The sun was shining on Easter Sunday and we hopped on our bikes to go to the Easter gathering in a park. It was our first bike ride since last year, but I'd promised myself that as soon as Spring Forward took place and we were living in Summer time, I'd ride my bike again and I was determined to stick with that. Poor Malcolm was kind enough to stick to it with me ;) 

Halfway through the service, it started to drizzle a little. That ruined our plans to pic-nic for breakfast, so we rode back home and had our breakfast where it was warm and cosy. We had some Kinder surprise eggs so that we could be at least a little bit surprised, and to make up for the lack of hot cross buns, we made some welsch cakes with spices. (and then found chocolate bunnies in our post-box, but only on Tuesday because we weren't expecting post! Thank you, mystery bunny!)

It was only that afternoon that we heard about the explosions in Pakistan. What a tragedy. It's just crazy and senseless and unfathomable. That morning we'd met as Christians in a park, while our brothers and sisters in Pakistan had done the same and paid a terrible price. A friend on Facebook said something that really resonated with me though: 

"Dear Taliban, Jesus warned his followers this would happen, so we're saddened, but not surprised. You can kill us, but Jesus will raise us from the dead, so we're not afraid of you. When religious people kill Jesus and his followers, it has, historically, lead to Christianity spreading like wildfire. You can't beat us, so why don't you join us? : )" 

Amen. Let's pray for the Taliban, that some of them will be celebrating Easter and the ressurection of their Lord next year.

Oh what transformations God is capable of! 

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