Wednesday, 2 March 2016

2016, two months in!

Oh boy...
it's March! 

That means, it is most certainly time to revive my halbtoten blog!

We started 2016 with the whole neighbourhood setting off fireworks while we had a stripe-themed get-together at a friend's apartment. As I hope is obvious, I used the stripe-theme to be Wally from "Where's Wally", while Malcolm reminded me of a Zebra.

We started the evening with a typically German (or Swiss) Raclette, and then played some games and looked back on the year. At midnight the fireworks continued all around us, but the fog was so thick that we really couldn't see much.

The first few days of January were good and snowy, and as nice as it is to hole up cosily in our apartment, we get cabin fever after a while and headed out for a walk every now and then... and regretted it halfway through just about every time ;) 

We also organised ice-skating with the international group in Marburg, and it was so much fun. It has been at least a decade (sounds longer said like that, right?) since either of us have ice-skated so it was rather terrifying at first, and we felt quite silly with little children whizzing past us. It was also a LOT more cramped than Durban's ice-rink! However, by the end of the afternoon we felt a lot more confident and could hold hands and skate around the rink with retro music blaring loudly. 

Towards the end of January it got the coldest I think I've ever experienced. There wasn't always much snow, but the air was so cold! This is kind of how we felt. It made walking to work less fun but much more interesting, and I experienced frozen hair (from my breath) for the first time!

I was also away for a weekend in a winter-wonderland for a work gathering. Going for walks in such deep snow was really new to me and I loved walking through such a silent forest covered in white. 

At the beginning of February I had another chance to dress up - this time it was for Fasching and I was a bee or a butterfly, I'm not too sure myself ;) The KinderClub team was invited to join in at a Fasching Party and it was SO much fun spending the afternoon dancing around and seeing some of our KinderClub kids as well as getting to know some new kids. 

Valentine's Day also came around, and Germany isn't that into it so it sort of goes unnoticed. But! It was a Sunday and staying at home is boooring so we went out into the city. We got some coffee-to-go and then walked up to the castle but went up a different route which made it interesting. From there one has a really good view of Marburg :)

This last weekend a friend asked if we wanted to borrow their car for the day. (Who does that, right?!) So we gladly took up the offer, found a city we could drive to, and decided to head to Wetzlar. We were rather excited to escape Marburg and everyday life, can you tell? -->

The skies were blue and we wanted to take the b-roads since winding through the country side seemed rather idyllic. I did not anticipate how stressful it was, though! Driving on incredibly narrow, single-lane roads that wind, with cars behind, is scary! But, Malcolm was a good navigator and we got to see many tiny little villages along the way. We finally made it to Wetzlar, and started the search for parking. It occurred to me that I have zero idea about parking here. Where can one park? How does one know? Where does one pay? We eventually found a parking lot close to the cathedral, and headed to the machine to pay. We had no idea what we were doing, but saw something about 1,50EUR. So we put that amount in, pushed a button and got a slip. The date on it was wrong though, and said 11am when it was in fact 2pm, so thoroughly confused we asked somebody what we did wrong. Turns out we paid waaay more than we needed to and had paid for parking until Monday. With lots of time left on the parking, we could head off and explore the beautiful altstadt and enjoy the sunshine!

For the trip back, we opted for the Highway, which turned out to be waaay more relaxed with two lanes :D 

On the less adventurous front, things at work and in the lab are going on as usual. Malcolm has had some good results in the lab which is good, while some of his friends there have completed their doctorates and abandoned him :( It makes me want to send home-made cookies with him everyday for him to share so that everybody there will most definitely miss him when he's finished! 
I'm on half-holiday with English courses on hold for the holidays. My English-playgroup is still continuing, and all the things in CenTral are still going, and at my other job I've increased my hours a little. I'm pretty stoked about this booklet that's just been published, which I translated into English :D 

So that's two months of highlights, mostly though, life just goes on :) 

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