Wednesday, 30 December 2015


December has been jam-packed with fun, work, and celebrations. Sometimes it was rather stressful, with Christmas celebrations around every corner, but the week of Christmas slowed down and it's been really good just being at home. 

So, some highlights of this month! 
(prepare for a photo-overload)

//late sunrises and early sunsets made for beautiful views//

//St. Nicholas' Day had chocolate popping up at every moment// 

  //we went to Nuremberg to see the market//

//And at Kinderclub we also celebrated Christmas//
Although I missed the actual celebration because I was at the English playgroup, at least I could help set up and be at the team-party afterwards :) 

//There was also Christmas in the International group// 

//The Cafe-Team headed to the Marburg Christmas market for some Gluhwein// 

//There was also celebrations at work, the last English lessons at the Language centre and VHS before Christmas, a Christmas party at CenTral, and Christmas in Sunday School. Whew!// 

//Malcolm and I finally made it together to the Marburg Christmas market, where we enjoyed the pretty lights and smells of Christmas// 

//Then, finally, Christmas came// 
We went to church, with a spectacular view as we came out afterwards. 

And then celebrated with friends at their house. 

The next day, Christmas day, we celebrated again by ourselves. A roast dinner and mince pies, made from scratch, were pretty tasty. 

That evening, since it wasn't all that cold, we went for a walk to see the Christmas lights in Richtsberg.  

On Boxing day, we had the most amazing sunny weather, which we really wanted to enjoy so we went for a walk along the Lahn and into the fields. 
I think this was my favourite day this month.

//Since then, it's mostly been hanging out at home, eating cookies, playing games, seeing friends, and some home-decor upgrades//  


Now we're enjoying our last couple days of December, until we celebrate the arrival of 2016!

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