Tuesday, 10 November 2015

An October-Update, A.K.A. Ach ja, ich habe doch einen Blog

October was a busy and exciting month. Many things kicked off again after a long Summer break, and others started brand new. So what've we been up to? 

Our international group started up again, and I'm super thankful for the new international students who've joined us! A new semester with both old and new friends :D 

There was also the annual autumn conference from the SMD, which had over 1000 people attend to listen to talks on the topic of 'between skepticism and certainty'. John Lennox was one of the guest speakers and it was really cool to listen to him and other credible, reasonable academics like Jurgen Spiess talk about their faith in Jesus. It was really encouraging and motivating.

I also started two new jobs... (bringing my number of employers up to 4...)
Firstly, I'm leading an English-speaking children and parent group once a month. So I've been brushing up on nursery rhymes and songs, and trying to get my hands on English children's books. So far we've met twice, and it was loads of fun.

I'm also leading a course in the University's language centre, which has been a challenge but it means I have a view of the castle ;) Also, it's been a good experience so far!

That said, it does take a lot of my time (especially lesson preparation) and Malcolm has also been working really long hours in the lab. Having been in Marburg for two years now, means pressure is on for him, but I'm really proud of how far we've both come in the two years we've been here!

October this year was very different to october two years ago - being knitted into community and having friends, knowing our way around, and appreciating Autumn's colours. (I swear, when we first arrived 2 years ago it was just grey.)

With the colder weather though, I've given up on cycling (mostly because my eyes tear up on the way down the hill), and am now using the bus - the stuffiness of buses is sometimes nauseating, but at least they aren't usually too full when I take them AND it means going out into the city at night isn't so much effort anymore... which means waffle-and-coffee-dates are possible :D 

So, that's what's been up over here - mostly just day-to-day life, with lots of appreciation for new things!
I hope to catch up on November on schedule! :)