Thursday, 3 September 2015


I've mentioned before that Malcolm and I were determined to make 2015 the year of adventure, and I think that August lived up to that... when we weren't at home doing nothing watching the adventures of Prince Valiant. 

The highlights definitely include our trip to Italy, which you can find thoroughly blogged, and on my instagram.

The second thing that really made August awesome, was the Summer Camp that we went on, along with about 40 international students and an amazing team. It's right at the sea-side, and the bungalows are really cute and cosy.

Quiet yet early mornings and late nights became the norm, but living in community is something I love so much. The program included plenty of time to play, and there are so many moments that make me smile when I think of them.

The weather was such an answer to prayer - the sun shone when we depended on good weather, like for games on the shore or our walk to the town nearby, where we watched sweets get made, ate fish, and wandered around.

I helped plan the international evening, which turned out to be so much fun. I can't take credit for the decor ideas, but I loved helping to bring it all together. After a buffet of dishes from around the world, we then gathered to listen to songs, learn to dance, and have fun together.

The week flew by so quickly, but SO much happened within the few days. We dug into the Bible and read texts to see how Jesus met so many different people from different cultures and who found themselves in different situations, with one thing in common: they needed Jesus and He reached out to them.
His love for me became really real to me, and I am so glad that I got to focus on God's word and hear so many new perspectives.

And now... September! My birthday month!