Saturday, 1 August 2015


August is here! And with it, come some exciting adventures. But, July has been and gone, and with it came some mixed emotions.


Towards the end of June, while we were in Brussels, we found out that Malcolm's grandparents weren't doing too well and were in hospital. His parents went to visit them, and we kept up to date with the news. Some days were good, and others were disheartening. Then, on the morning of the 7th we woke up to Malcolm's phone ringing - his parents calling to let us know that grandpa Les passed away. We know he is with the Lord now, and that's a huge comfort to us. But, being so far away during a time that is so important in the life of the family was hard. I was so grateful to people who reached out and offered kind words, as it somewhat legitimised what we felt and the loss that Malcolm especially experienced.
I had little opportunity to get to know him, meeting him for the first time the day before I entered his family, but Grandpa Les has most certainly influenced many people and I see his legacy in Malcolm.  


At the beginning of July I finally got to see what Malcolm's chemistry is all about. He needed to work late one night for a deadline the next day, so I took him some dinner. Late turned later and then still later until it was early the next day. I watched the sunrise from the window in the lab, and watched Malcolm work so carefully and prayerfully. The next day, he had excellent results and a great testimony of God's hand in his life.

After getting my drivers license converted a few weeks ago, I now have my German license and learned to drive on the wrong right side of the road. Thanks to a patient friend who helped me out, I felt quite comfortable quite quickly. I'd still occasionally reach for the seat belt on the wrong side or grab at air when going for the hand brake with the wrong hand, but otherwise it felt pretty normal.

For a practice-drive Malcolm and I explored the roads around Marburg and got to see places so close to town but that we'd hadn't made it to yet. And, of course, since we saw a McD's and were in a car, a trip through the drive-through and a McFlurry were required!

It was important for me to get used to driving because the Kinderferienwoche (Kiwo) in CenTral was in the last week of July and I had a car to drive! Somebody lent me a car and during the week I had 4 very sweet, sometimes very loud, little girls in the car with me as we went adventuring with 30+ other kids and an amazing team. It was a great week with the kids and God blessed our time immensely. Seeing the changes in the kids over the week and getting to experience time in prayer with them as well as time having fun doing various activities was so good.

One of the highlights for me during the week was the chance I had to teach ballet. During the workshop day, there were various offers where kids could choose to learn or participate in various things. I had a small group of girls with a lot of enthusiasm and had so much fun teaching them some basics, and choreographing a really short dance for them to show the rest of the group. While it made me terribly nostalgic, it was so good to do what I enjoy perhaps most, and it did me so good to see that I am capable of it, even in German. 

Our month has been full of cherries, a visit from Tante Ursel and Onkel Arno, preparation for the Summer holiday with international students, and preparing for our holiday coming up next week. 

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