Monday, 24 August 2015

Italy, Venice --> Home {day 8}

Our last day in Venice, our last day on holiday, seemed to come too quickly. 

We had bought tickets for the ferry that runs along the grand canal the previous day, and once validated they're valid for an hour. So, after packing up our things, we went out early to go for a ride before the ferries became crowded. For many, this is just transport, for us it was a treat! We were happy to get a good spot at the back of the ferry on line 1, and enjoyed a slow cruise down the canal, getting to see things from a different vantage point and in morning sunshine. 

We kept an eye on our watches and made sure to stay on the ferry until the last minute - which was conveniently at the last stop it made on the island before it continued to Lido. That was perfect for us, since we now had the rest of the day to wander (with two full SD cards, which explains a lack of photos...) back to the North, stopping along the way for gelato at our favourite place. 

At around lunch time, we were determined to have something other than pizza for lunch. But, as we got nearer the station, it seemed pizza was really the only thing that fit our budget and that was available. We ended our holiday with a slice of pizza laden with assorted vegetables... the base wasn't strong enough and we had a hard time eating it but felt a little better recognising veggies again! 

After picking up our luggage (stored for free at our hotel!) we headed to the bus station to catch a bus to the airport. We were early, but we tend to play it safe when it comes to catching trains and planes! It was sad saying goodbye to Venice, saying goodbye to such an amazing holiday and realising that the next day it'd be back to work and no longer 24/7 with Malcolm! 

One last, squinted photo as we say goodbye to Venice! 

Italy was really, really cool. It was the longest time Malcolm and I have been away on our own and it was a really different feeling to that of getting away for a weekend - and not just because my feet were aching after walking all day for a week! 
Each city was really different and I can't say which I liked the most... Rome was exciting and bustling and there was always something to see. Florence was both rustic and refined, while Venice was romantic and relaxing. We saw so much and learned so much and it was something we're definitely looking forward to doing again! 

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