Friday, 14 August 2015

Italy, Rome {Day 1}

Once upon a time, somebody asked us where in Europe we'd like to go. Venice was mentioned and it became our goal to get there. Sure, we've been to other places in the meantime, but all while saving for Venice. When we devised our master-plan of when and where to travel this year, Italy was penciled in, with stops in Rome, Florence and Venice.

So, shortly after August began, off to Rome we flew.

After landing and not being able to exit the aeroplane for quite some time, the luggage taking an awful long time to appear on the carousel, and the news that no trains were running, we finally left the Airport by bus, 3 hours after landing and many rounds of eye-spy later. But, we were on holiday! In Rome!

The bus swerved and hooted along the highway, and the bus within Rome swerved and hooted through the narrow streets. Even with some instructions written down on how to find our accommodation, we still had some difficulty finding the street, but, we finally made it to our Air BnB apartment at about 7pm. whew!

After being welcomed and shown how things worked, and after receiving tips on where we could buy groceries and what we could do in the area, we wasted little time in heading out the door again. All along the river where tents set up... Lungo il Tevere was in full swing: bars, restaurants, live music, games, shops, art... and ice-cream. After a long and hot day, it was great to wander along the Tiber river, slowing our pace to match the relaxed atmosphere, indulge in ice-cream and be woo-ed by the lights reflecting off the water.

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