Saturday, 4 July 2015

Brussels {day 2}

Our second day way Museum Day. Since many museums are closed on Mondays, we needed to do it on the Sunday. There are many museums that are free to visit, which is awesome, and Tripomatic is really good for planning when to see what since it suggests places and includes prices and opening hours. 

With our plan for the day we set off towards the Comic Strip Centre but were soon distracted by a big building in the distance. It turned out better looking from a distance from up close, but the up-side is that we passed the Botanical Garden, which looked too pretty not to wander through. It was a really peaceful place among some of the run-down buildings in the area and the tall glass buildings surrounding it.

We eventually made it to the Comic Strip Centre and, after looking into the building and doubting the value of the entrance fee, decided not to go into the actual museum but rather spend our time looking through their shop. Since we aren't the greatest comic-fans, it was interesting to see the shelves and shelves of different comics available. It was really fun, and the Bible illustrated by comic strip book was cool and sort of gave me a new perspective on some of the things I'd so often read and imagined myself. 

After leaving the centre and getting some more frites for lunch, we strolled over to the Mont des Arts to see the view.

We walked around the back of the Palace and headed over to the Place du Thrรดne and then down the road to the Natural History Museum. It felt like a SUPER long walk.... 

We arrived at the Natural history Museum, and of course we needed a dinosaur selfie with the Iguanadon... we're not very good at dinosaur faces... whatever that actually even means...

We walked into the main hall, and were taken aback with how awesome it looked. The museum has a large collection of Iguanadon fossils, and has the biggest museum hall dedicated solely to dinosaurs in the world (says Wikipedia). It also has the Ishango bone... it was definitely a fun and interesting museum worth the entrance fee! 

I got to see a stegosaurus fossil! My favourite dinosaur - just a pity it was a fossil and not a real one... :/ 

T-Rex's arms really are tiny... by my estimation they're shorter than mine! (Grateful that this is a fossil and not a real one!)

They have all sorts of things for kids visitors to interact with and it was fun seeing what we'd look like as dinosaurs. I think Malcolm makes a convincing Parasaurolophus! 

After being all dinosaur-d out, we set off to the Parc du Cinquantenaire to take a moment to rest our feet. It was a beautiful day and the park was full of families, childrens birthday parties, and even some people practicing Judo. We were soon ready to head to the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History, located on the right hand side of the Arches.

Entry is free and the collection is really impressive. Malcolm was especially interested in the collection of aeroplanes and could tell me all sorts of things :) 

There was this aeroplane where one could sit in, and Malcolm was not the only adult to check it out! 

We'd saved our money by not going into the Comic Strip Centre, so we found a restaurant (tourist trap) and had dinner there before going to the Grand Place to see it light up. We joined the many people sitting on the floor and read the guide book we'd borrowed from our AirBnB apartment, and figured out what each Guild House was for. Eventually, the square lit up and it was beeeeeautiful and my photos, as blurry as they are, are only an attempt to show how pretty it was! A wonderfully relaxed and romantic end to the day! :)

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