Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A Pinch and a Punch...

A Pinch and a Punch for the first of the month! Yep, it's June-recap-time, and as I assumed, it's coming to you in July :)

The month looks pretty fun, and it was, but it was also full of other everyday commitments. Malcolm needed to work especially hard (and still is) for a collaboration, so the moments together were that much more special.

I posted before about the day I spent out with work colleagues cycling, flying and playing golf...

We also spent a weekend planning for the International Summer Holiday that we're going on at the end of August. It was great getting to know the others on the team, and I think what we've planned will be really good! 

After discussing all day, in the evening we went out and showed another couple around Marburg. We also got to discover new corners of our city :)

Mid-month, I also got my driver's license. Yep, I swapped my SA one for this shiny new one, allowing me to drive tractors and cars in Germany!

Malcolm went to the Alchema expo in Frankfurt, where he spent time meeting people from various industries that employ chemists. He very sweetly made conversation with the people from Bentley in order to get me a bag :) And jelly beans in a test tube! 

Since booking and paying for our trip to South Africa last year, we've been saving to do some more exploring. We have this as quite a high priority in our budget, and every month we set some money aside to go and see places. However, with all our saving, we never got around to saving time to go and see things and our weekends were often booked up before we even entered the month. This lead to some plotting and planning in March where we decided where we wanted to go and when - we filled it all in our diaries and kept the dates open. And now the time has arrived! 

This last weekend we headed to Brussels to go and see the city. It's not particularly high on the Tourism map in comparison to many other European cities, but it was so worth visiting! I can't wait to share more moments, photos and experiences on the blog soon! 

Let's see what adventures July brings!

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