Friday, 12 June 2015

Who would've thought...

Ordanarily, I'd put this post off until the end of the month beginning of next month when I round up the month of June, but it was such a great day that I want to write about it now. Plus, there are more exciting things happening in June so there'll still be something to say later ;)

Last year our Betriebsausflug (aka. office excursion, thanks Google Translate) took me and coworkers to Wiesbaden to see where the organisation was founded in a little hostel in the country side by students who had directions that were basically "get off the train and ask for directions". It was so much fun and I enjoyed Wiesbaden so much that Malcolm and I went back again. So, this year, I had high hopes that the excursion would be just as cool.

A month or so ago, I got a Doodle link to vote for my preferred activity, and I thought playing golf sounded pretty fun. A couple weeks later, I got an email with the plan, and it had suddenly become a lot more complicated, with a long cycle ride, flying, and golf in between. I was a little apprehensive on Wednesday morning as I set off on my bike, (especially on the first uphill) but it turned out to be such a fun day.

After meeting in Cappel, we rode over the Lahnberge and through Moischt and to Rauischholzhausen

We made it to Amöneburg where we went to the Bruckenmuhle, a mill that is no longer running. They have coffee though, and Prince Charles was there in 1997... 
We went up to the top story and looked at all the milling equipment, which I'm still utterly clueless about, but have a healthy respect for and won't touch. I mean, it turns plants into powder. 

There was also this obelisk, a monument to something to do with the 7 year war, something that I have no background knowledge on so I couldn't really follow.

After plenty of time eating cake and drinking coffee and looking at Obelisks, we were back on our bikes and while one group went over Amöneburg, the rest of us went around us. By "going around" we still had a considerate amount of uphill to puff up, but along the way it was really pretty and we were rewarded by a fun downhill to the Waschbach. 

The Waschbach was used by Boniface to baptise people, and is still used for baptisms today. The water was freezing, but refreshing and just what we needed before heading to Kirchhain and then Bürgeln. 

From Bürgeln we went just a little further to the golf course. We divided into two groups and our group met with a man from Manchester who taught us how to hit golf balls. His tips really helped, and our time on the driving range was so much fun. His tips were also really helpful since my golf club actually came into contact with the ball quite often! He boosted my ego and I felt pretty pleased with my golfing abilities ;) 

After an hour our groups switched and we went up to the airfield. We were able to go gliding, but as time ran out, another plane (with an engine) came so we could take a flight over Marburg in that. I decided the plane with the engine was a little safer and had such a fun flight over the city. It was kind of crazy seeing the area from above, everything looking so small and it not really feeling real. We flew quite low over the castle and I don't really know how to describe how cool it felt. I've only flown in large aeroplanes so the experience in this 2-seater was totally new!

After landing, I helped wash the plane (not glamorous, but I can now say I've washed a plane!) and then cycled back to Bürgeln for supper around the grill. It was nice to relax on the grass and I wasn't looking forward to the ride home. But, it had to be done and the 12 or so kms home went quite quickly. 

In total, we cycled 50-60 kms, by far the furthest I've ever cycled in a day. Not only am I impressed that my bike didn't give up, but I was really happy that I managed it at all - it's never been a goal, but it is something I didn't know I could do. Now our once spoken about dreams of cycling somewhere over a weekend (and Malcolm's dream of building a little aeroplane), somehow seem a whole lot more achievable. Who knew! :)

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