Thursday, 25 June 2015

Life things

I'm starting to understand the lists, coffee talks, life lately (etc etc etc) sort of posts that many of my favourite bloggers do. There are so many things I sometimes just feel like chatting about, but where I have no desire to actually write an entire post about them. Things that just float around in my head, things that I'm happy about, or things that move me...


_Today at work I heard a report from somebody who went to Kenya to extend condolences on behalf of the organisation I work for, to theirs after the Garissa attacks. Hearing reports from him was heart-breaking. Hearing how students were murdered and hearing miracles of some surviving. I'm amazed by those students who survive and who carry on with the outlook that God spared their life for a purpose. Do we need to have a horrifying experience in order to believe God has a plan for us, that we're alive for a purpose, every day

_Yesterday marked a year since the fire. The chapter is technically closed, but it will always be a really significant day to me - the day where a lot more could have gone wrong but didn't. I guess the chapter isn't actually closed, since we still don't know what happened and will always be left wondering. Having nightmares after playing "Fireman Sam" with a 3-year old might also signify that the chapter isn't completely shut. 

_This weekend we're going away somewhere, and I'm really excited. Malcolm has been working suuuuper hard lately so I'm looking forward to taking some time to pause. 

_7de Laan changed their theme song, but now they have their episodes on Youtube. Yeah! Altie and Paula can get back together now, if he survives, and I can try to keep Afrikaans up. 

_Summer has officially arrived, and since then the weather has been grey and uninspiring. Hopefully it'll turn around soon! Summer has lots of exciting plans - one of which is the Kinderferien Woche, which I thoroughly enjoyed last year, and the International Summer holiday at the Baltic sea where we also were last year. 

_After Summer I'm hopeful that I'll have some English courses to teach. That will bring my number of employers to 3.  

_I miss rusks

_We were showing a couple around Marburg, and walked past a bridal shop with pretty dresses. I discovered that I'm not the only married woman who wants to go in and pretend to be getting married just to try on dresses again, even though I totally loved my dress.

_I translated a booklet into English at work, and even though it's been proof-read by others, I'm so nervous that I've mistranslated something. There are some words that just don't translate so well!

_That said, my writing is definitely better than my speaking. I like to believe that my accent isn't very strong. Many people will testify to this, but other times people notice words that I pronounce 'strangely'. Like "do" (take a moment and think about how you say it. You'll soon doubt it even exists), sure, like, nice...

_I love this list of words. Exulansis, Onism, Zielschmerz, apomakrysmenophobia, to name a few, seem completely real to me.

So... I should be back after the weekend, with a recap of what we've been up to in June, and of our time away this weekend! :)

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