Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Bartlett Residence

Bearing in mind that the vast majority of the people we love will most likely not step foot across our threshold here in Germany, never drink coffee or tea out of our Ikea mugs and put their feet up on our coffee table, I've decided to share some pictures of our home.

With a view of the forest across the valley, I love our living room. I love that the shelf is full of books on topics that make me want to pick them up, and that there are games stashed away. I love that a blanket to snuggle under and our excessive tea collection (since I only really drink Rooibos and Malcolm only really drinks black tea) are within reach from the couch. I love the bits and pieces that somehow signify that it's us that live here. 

As one walks in from our long entrance hall with bikes obstructing the way, this is what you see. 

If you scale the balcony and come in through our balcony door, you'll see this. (PLEASE DON'T DO THIS???)
Except the wilted flowers have been thrown away now. And I have great plans for the big grey wall.

There are still a few things that I'd like to happen in this next picture. That said, I'm well aware that our printer (with no ink) is likely to stay here in the bookshelf, unconnected, until we move out one day. I love the pictures, though - the town halls of places that we've called home (Pietermaritzburg, Eshowe, Durban, Marburg). This was Malcolm's idea - he has some pretty good ones, and not only chemistry-related!

This little rhino came along with us, from a table in mum and dad's lounge, disassembled and packed into our bags, then reassembled here to stand on our table.
We also brought along some of our wedding presents, this white cloth being one.

I didn't want a plain white lampshade. Pretty lampshades I like cost more than seems at all reasonable. Malcolm fixed this dilemma with a little DIY, and I'm proud of him!

Granny crocheted all through Christmas, and when we left, I was able to bring this doily as well as the yellow ones on the dining table along with us. I love them and I love that it reminds me of her. Yet sometimes I feel like an old lady for having them, but then I look at this photo and see how wrinkled this one is, and conclude that an old lady would keep it lying beautifully flat.

And the ones on this table would be better aligned. Dinner for one?

And here it is again, as I see it when I walk out of our bedroom in the morning. Now you see where our kitchen is...

 It's small, but it has windows! I will never take kitchen windows for granted again!
Also, see those plug points up above the kitchen cupboards? I wonder what one would plug in there...?

This place has certainly come a long way in the last two months, and I'm looking forward to discovering what God has planned for us here - who will sit in this lounge? Who will drink our other varieties of tea that we don't drink? What will we talk about? What will we experience? 
Please pray that we use this space that we've been placed in, to make the Lord's name famous, for the gift of hospitality and for great opportunities to invite people in. 


  1. Your place looks so wonderfully cozy! We have an under the cupboards power point that I use when I am using the stick blender and once for the toaster!

  2. So.. you are living in a HOME like this? How wonderful! It's amazing how Malcolm had turned a plain lampshades into this gorgeous one. I kinda envy you two :P

  3. Your home is so cute!!!! Also... I LOVE your new blog look!!! It's so clean and fresh!

  4. We have some just above the countertop which I use for that (I'd nearly forgotten that toasters exist til now!), but there are two plug points really close to the ceiling that seem rather impractical.

  5. Hey Angela! :D Yes! I was quite impressed and surprised by his idea actually! How are you though? Have you adjusted back to life in Taiwan??

  6. Thank you! I had a morning free and after having the same shades of blue for so long, I wanted something a little more colourful again :)