Tuesday, 31 March 2015


March has come and gone... 
and with it, Spring has come and we hit the 2-year mark of being married. 
Hello year 3! 

what did March look like for us...? Well...

//we celebrated pie day//

//we finally had coffee on our sunny balcony//

//we hung pictures, sewed curtains, and called this place home//

//we opened the box of Easter eggs we've had since before Christmas//

//we watched the solar eclipse//

//I got all mushy and sentimental about our wedding anniversary, which lead to cookies and fudge//

//we went into town to the Marburg Spring festival//

//And walked home along the Lahn, despite the cold//

//We celebrated our wedding anniversary with cake and coffee in the morning//

//I proved that English language ability does not equal scone-baking-ability//

//We planted flowers and watched our daffodils bloom//

//we switched to summer time, and now have sunny evenings with beautiful views at dinner time//

We've seen prayers answered and had good discussions, met new people and dreamt of the future. March has been pretty good! 


  1. Sounds like a lovely month and coffee on the balcony is such a joy!

  2. We've imagined sitting out there for such a long time, it was nice to finally get to do it!

  3. happy anniversary! I love how gushy you got about it ;) ours is at the end of the month and (april 1!) i'm already getting giddy!

  4. Thank you! How brave, having a wedding on April 1.!