Thursday, 19 March 2015

Lessons from the Cafe

I volunteer at a cafe in our area twice a week. In the time I've been there, about a year now, I certainly have learnt a lot. 
Of course, what people there tell me about their lives is confidential and I wouldn't post it all over here. Plus, since my listening skills are better than my speaking skills, I'm not all that good at German gossip.
But, the diversity of people that come through those doors, means I'm bound to learn something practical! 
Today, I thought I'd write some things down.

1. where I can buy mustache wax, for styling mustaches.
(Hint: Ahrens, Universitätsstraße) 

2. how to make a latte  macchiato. With visible layers.
(Hint: slowly but surely)

3. which dentists and doctors to avoid.
(Hint: many.)

4. how to cook a variety of meals.
(Hint: mostly German meals. If in doubt, add bacon, onion, and potatoes and you're good.)

5. a lot about child birth.
(Hint: It seems gruesome) 

6. where to go to ask about a steueridentifikationsnummer, and other long words.

7. what Griesbrei can be used to make.
(Hint: anything goes) 

8. how to write the alphabet and numbers the German way.
(Hint: start writing numbers the German way on day #1 so that when you look back on where you wrote your bank account number, it's correct.)

9. the names of different kinds of wurst.
(Hint: Lachsschinken isn't salmon, it is in fact, you guessed it, pork.) 

10. how the education system works.
(Hint: Abi is a big deal.)

11. traditions - first day of school, Fasching, Abitur stuff, St Martin's day...
(Hint: any excuse to dress up, and it's usually a little dark.) 

12. the lyrics to the same songs we keep playing.

13. that those daffodils that are sold with their buds closed, turn out really pretty and sunny.
(Hint: just add sunlight and water!)

15. asparagus, and what to do with it.
(Hint: just wait until asparagus season...) 

16. Who Andreas Gabalier is.
(Hint: he doesn't look like his music sounds.)

17. The difference between rolling ones own cigarettes and the ready bought ones.
(Hint: less is more.) 

18. seasonal decor is a thing.
(Hint: there's such a thing as "Easter-moss") 

19. How to mop like a princess.
 (Hint: it's in the wrists) 


  1. Mop like a princess? I think that the wrist movement is when she flicks her wrist to tell the cleaning lady to get on with the job. You should photo shop a proper German Zuckertute into the picture to replace my homemade effort.

  2. I like your homemade effort, and we all know it's what's on the inside that matters ;)