Sunday, 1 March 2015


February saw us settle into our new home, with little moments of adventure popping up, too. 

//our first week looked a lot like this//

//we painted our apartment, after spending an unreasonable amount of time considering different paint options.//

//and we got our furniture out our first apartment//

//meanwhile, Malcolm went to Hirschegg in Austria with his research collaboration. Besides listening to presentations, he attempted skiing and went hiking//

//when he got back, we had a last cup of tea in our old apartment together, and fetched our last things//

//I wrapped up the English course I was teaching//

//we went to Stuttgart for a weekend to visit a newly planted church and see God do some incredible things//

//we gaped out our window and marveled at the beautiful and changing scenery//

Otherwise, the children's group in Central on Sundays had really great attendance last time, and I'm praying that it continues to grow. I'm really excited to see what God is doing in our neighbourhood and in the lives of people who meet Him! 


  1. How exciting to finally be getting settled into a nice new place! And those snowy mountain views are stunning. I don't think I'd be successful at skiing if I were to try it, but I wouldn't mind riding in that lift, just for the view!

  2. so exciting! big changes and lots of fun growth.

  3. They really are beautiful, and I'm quite jealous! I think I'd also stick to the lift though, and apparently many people were riding the lift just for the view :)