Sunday, 22 March 2015

Being a Bartlett

Did you know, there's a Bartlett school of Architecture
It's also the name of a town (well, there are a few towns). There's Bartlett creek, and Bartlett peak. There's even Bartlett Island. There's a Bartlett High School. 
There're many famous people with the surname Bartlett. 
Then, let's not forget the great Bartlett Pear. (who votes we name our first daughter Carolina Gold???) 

Am I the only one who found it so weird to suddenly have a new name to learn about?

Since becoming a Bartlett, the only joke somebody's made about my surname, is when they referred to me as the president's wife - the reference to the West Wing went over my head and they needed to explain. (Although, come on, that Bartlett is spelled with only one 'T' at the end)

Only a month ago, Malcolm and I were congratulated by the friendly lady at Sparkasse when I told her I needed to change my name because I'd got married. The fact that it was actually nearly two years ago at the time was a little awkward to explain - we'd been putting it off until we could change my name and our address simultaneously after I finally managed to change my name here in Germany last September-ish. Anyway, that was the last place that still had me recorded as Erica Bentley, and now, if I remember to use the new bank card with my new name, I don't have to think about which signature to use anymore.

Though I still sometimes miss my old surname and all the car references that came with it, I think I'm the happiest Bartlett girl in the world, married to the very best Bartlett. 
He might not have a Wikipedia page about him (yet) but he's the best reason for me to love our surname.

Today, two years ago, we had a very unceremonious ceremony in home affairs, I signed my butterfly signature with a different ending, and I legally became his wife. What a moment.
From there it was back to the old house and setting things up for the next day, the real wedding and the real celebration of it.


  1. In South Africa, is that what everyone has to do, first get legally married, and then have the wedding ceremony separately? Just curious. That's the way it is in Malaysia--you get legally married at an office, and then later have your Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, or Muslim wedding, depending on which culture you're from. That was very new to us Americans who get it all done at once.
    I went from an extremely uncommon maiden name to a much, much more common married last name--both of which are rather unpronounceable and unspellable to most English speakers. ha!

  2. so sweet! I've never really looked into my last name, either one!

  3. Before I got married my initials were BMR so I loved when I would see a Mercedes with that on the license plate in California, car references are fun!

  4. wanna know a secret? i still haven't legally changed my last name. it always seems like we're just about to move or register a car or file taxes or leave the country -- i need to get on that!

  5. It just never seems convenient, does it? I really do wish it were a more linked and automatic process...

  6. Ooh that is pretty cool to see your initials all over :)

  7. One can usually have the legal and religious marriage all in one if the person conducting the ceremony is an official 'marriage officer'.
    However, our pastor wasn't so we needed to either have another person who is a marriage officer there, who would then do the paper work at the church and we'd sign the registry there, or we needed to go to the department of home affairs and get married there first. The latter was an easier option, although hardly glamorous ;) Our wedding in the church was then purely a religious wedding, since all the papers were done the previous day, but we still count the church wedding as the real one :)

  8. I found it so odd to suddenly (ok, it's not entirely sudden), have a new name that I knew very little about!