Friday, 6 March 2015

5 alternate uses for emergency blankets

Who else out there has space blankets lying around at home? Let's see a show of hands...? Anybody...? 

The fire in our building was at 4:30 in the morning in the Summer. This meant it was light enough to see what was going on, and it wasn't too cold. However, when rushing out in PJs and slippers, it can get pretty cold after a couple hours. Fortunately, we were provided with emergency blankets (or space blankets) to keep us warm while we waited.

Somehow these blankets survived the last 6 months of moves and now, our limited storage space is taken up with 3 blankets that won't fold back to their original packed size, and seem like they could still be useful for something. 

However, a quick Google search gave me no good ideas considering I'm not planning on going camping any time soon. 

Indoor uses for an emergency blanket? 

I can only think of a few. 

Use it as a pretty prop for ballet

Build a space-age blanket fort 

Use as a picnic blanket. 
Just add friends! (since we have one stable dining room chair)

Use them as packing material

Use to make a house-warming gift to remind others of how far we've come

And now I'm considering using it to line our duvet since our heating keeps shutting off. 

What else should be added to this list? (Besides using it as a distraction for putting of housework...)


  1. ahahahaha! How creative. I've never actually seen one of these in real life--they're always in movies. I'm firmly of the opinion that you can never have enough blankets, but they don't seem really cozy...

  2. They're not cosy at all... but they do insulate so one doesn't lose heat. I guess keeping leftovers warm could also work, you know, if one has a space blanket but no aluminium foil...

  3. They don't appear warm or comfortable at all, but they do add some space age appeal to that blanket fort, and work awesome as the background in your frame! haha

    I bet that would actually make for a great outdoor picnic blanket since it doesn't look like the grass would stick to it.

  4. I've got no ideas, but I love the pictures! Maybe you could wrap a potato in one and bake it? ;)

  5. I love how you put it in the frame!

  6. They really aren't, and they're quite loud... but warm! I also thought it would be great for outside picnics, except I think in summer it would stick to bare legs. Could perhaps be used underneath a blanket as protection for it though!

  7. Haha, it'd then be a rather glazed potato since it's got quite a bit of plastic in it ;) But to keep potatoes warm maybe...!

  8. My favourite is the picture-frame! Maybe you can also keep the blanket to wrap gifts? Or keep it to wrap gifts that need to stay warm? ^^