Sunday, 8 February 2015

St Lucia & Hluhluwe, South Africa

One Friday morning, with mum and daddy and Martin and Vero, we headed to St Lucia. We went to the Estuary, walked along the boardwalk, had coffee and rusks (I miss rusks! Somebody send Ouma???) and looked out for crocodiles and hippos. On our way back to the car we saw some hippos, hanging out pretty close to the shore.

Next up, we drove along the Western Shores. It's been really dry and we were out on a particularly hot day, so animals weren't all that easy to spot, but those that we saw were beautiful. Malcolm and I were driving my golf, following Mum's corolla, and our whole spontaneous hand-signal system for which animals we were spotting became rather elaborate.

At a hide along the way, we could get out and walk along a platform into the trees, where we had breakfast. The view was magnificent.

 We hopped back into our cars, and set off again, this time towards Hluhluwe. Along the way, we stopped to buy some pineapples and wander around the craft market.

By the way, R10 = 0.80EUR
That's for all 8 of these pineapple. 

Having stretched our legs, it was back into the cars for the last stretch for the day. We drove further to Mkhuze game reserve, further up the North Coast.

Finally we arrived. We spent the rest of the day cooling off in the pool and watching the Nyala which hung out by our tents.

*** All watermarked photos are taken by my dad.*** 
The problem with traveling with a photographer is that I get lazy taking my own photos. For more of his photos, like the cheetah they saw this last weekend when we weren't with them, check out Zululand Pix on Facebook***


  1. Wow, seeing all those animals is pretty amazing! The little crab guy is pretty awesome!
    I can just feel the summer in all your pictures...I'm ready for summer now, or at least spring!

  2. It's crazy to me to imagine seeing a bunch of hippos just hanging out...

  3. They really spent most of their time just noses out the water chilling... they look like giant rocks. When they actually wrestled with each other it was more exciting to watch :)

  4. I'm so ready for Spring, too!