Monday, 9 February 2015


January has been all over the place. Various places in SA, over the alps back to Germany. And then still more adventures and moving. What a month! 

//Road trippin' with Malcolm, back and forth between eShowe and Durban.//

//Malcolm and one of his Grandma's//

//Family time away at Mkuze//

//Saying goodbyes again.//

//Our last day in South Africa - the sunny skies tried to tempt us in to staying. Not hard! //

//With Granny at the airport//

//On the plane and ready to go! //

//Flying over the alps//

//Back in Marburg in the Student Residence. //

/I went away for a weekend with work colleagues for the annual meeting/ 
//This was the view from my window.//

//we went for a walk... it was my first time walking on ice and I was quite terrified, actually. Fortunately I cover nervousness with giggles so I just come across as a really friendly and happy walker. Grateful for all the tips I learned from those I was walking with!//

//It snowed in Marburg, too, but mostly stuck up in the hills. So I visited Malcolm at the campus up on the hill where he studies. We were the weird people walking next to the path so that we could feel the snow crunch. // 

//The day we went into town to sign our new rental contract, it snowed beautifully. We had a lot to do, but prioritised walking around the pretty Sudviertel, and then up to the top floor of a department store to see the castle while defrosting our toes.//

//January involved more packing. This time, our rooms at the student res. The emergency blankets from the fire finally came in handy again.//

//Moving day, the 31st. We woke up to snow...//

//And did what everybody would do on the day where a lot needs to be done but there's SNOW lying outside. We rushed out and built a snowman. He's pictured alone so that one can't see just how tiny he is.// 

//And then, 3 trips on the bus, and two by car, and the muscles and time of dear friends, and we were moved in.//

2015 is not disappointing! 


  1. What a busy January!!! Your new place looks great though!

  2. It's come a long way since we first moved in! :)