Friday, 30 January 2015

Eshowe [part 2]

Our second stint in eShowe was as good as the first. Characterised by lots of sewing (but that's another post all together), and a trip to a game reserve (again, a post in itself). 

While we were there, we celebrated mum and dad's wedding anniversary. 

With a braai, and a braai-paai of course.

Feeling inspired, we took a few photos in our wedding get-up while we had the chance. I'm so glad our wedding was in Autumn, because although it was overcast, it was hot! 

The overcast weather did bring some rain now and again, and while I would usually not celebrate that, it was good to see some rain after the long drought in the area. We took a drive with Dad to see if the Dam had filled up. Still not looking too good!

While we were there, we stopped to see if the other dam was looking any better (not really), and even though it was also quite low, I love the view out from eShowe. Fields of sugarcane are both one of my favourite sights and favourite sounds.

It was sad leaving my little town again. Sometimes it seems as though nothing changes, but after being gone for so long changes do creep in. Yet, despite change, familiar sights and friendly familiar faces make it still feel like home. 


  1. Isn't it good to be home again? I love that you guys took the time to get all dressed up in your wedding gear. :) How many years was this anniversary for your parents?

  2. Love the picture of you both in the sugarcane field! How fun that you also that you put your wedding gear back on for a photo! Hopefully your little hometown will continue getting rain, drought is no good!

  3. Thanks! I was just so relieved it still zipped up! :D

  4. Absolutely! They've been married for 29 years now :)