Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Durban, South Africa [part 2]

We returned to Durban on Christmas day to spend the Christmas-New Year period there. During this time, the beaches are packed, the malls are chaotic, and staying at home is sometimes far nicer. 

We did all go for a drive out to the Valley of 1000 Hills though, which was beautiful even though it clouded over. 

We also made sure to have Pirates' Arms' Fish and Chips. Located at the harbour, they serve the most delicious Fish and Chips that no cold Matjesbrotchen is ever going to compare to. 

New years eve we spent at home, too. We watched DVDs and then, just before midnight, drove to a park up the road with a good vantage point, and watched the sky in all directions light up with Fireworks. The next morning, Malcolm and I went to the beach where we went 3 years ago on the day we got engaged, to watch the sunrise over the ocean and the new year. 
The clouds obscured the sunrise substantially, but we choose not to read too deep into that! 

Another highlight while in Durban, was the lesson in Silver-Smithing. Malcolm's Dad showed us how to set this pretty amathyst into silver. It was really interesting to watch, but one turn with the soldering torch in a practice run showed me that I'm no solder-er. So, Malcolm and his dad worked on it and I observed between making cheese cake. 

You know, the usual arts and crafts that kids get up to during the holidays.


  1. I think that your necklace is very sweet of them to make! I'm sure it holds extra special sentiment to you since they made it. Does Malcom's dad do that as a hobby?

    Love the photo of the beach where you were engaged! The hues in the ocean and sky look beautiful, even if you couldn't see much of the sunrise!

  2. I agree! His dad facets gemstones, a sort of hobby-turned-business, with silver work along side :)