Friday, 12 December 2014

Our German Christmas

This year we'll be in South Africa for Christmas, and it seems like Germany was trying to seduce us into staying with it's promise of snow, the twinkly lights, the smell of roasted almonds, and the many Christmas celebrations.

Not wanting to miss out, we made the most of our first week of December with everything Marburg had to offer us.

We started on the day before Advent, baking and decorating cookies until nearly midnight. It was great team work, and baking together makes it so much fun.

We decorated the apartment, too, and baked mini-cakes for dessert for the friends we'd invited over for dinner on the 1st of Advent.

The recipe required the mixture to be mixed "On high"... Malcolm, doing the job of the electric mixture, followed the recipe closely by standing on a chair. 

We also went to the Marburg Christmas market and enjoyed wandering through the streets and looking and smelling all the Christmas-sy goodies.

Of course, Christmas being about Jesus' birth, it's worth celebrating and telling the story of how it happened. We did this in the KinderClub and I finally got the chance to be Mary (childhood dreams do come true...)

selfie with the Donkey, the Angel, and Jesus. 
We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the season of Advent while we were there, and we were so glad that it even snowed a tiny bit one night.

Hard to believe that we were so cold less than a week ago, and now we're here...


  1. It looks like you had a lovely few weeks of Advent in Germany! I hope you have a lovely Christmas in South Africa!

  2. Thank you, it all went so quickly but Advent is such a special time of year that I really love.