Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas x2

Just like in 2012, we celebrated Christmas twice this year - Christmas eve in eshowe and Christmas day in Durban. 

The day before and the day of Christmas eve we prepared things slowly for the evening - an exciting menu with Gammon, chicken Mandalay, Capreze salad, and Butternut-Cranberry-Feta salad, with Dessert of Cranberry-nut-marmalade-cake. Veronique also taught us how to play Skip-Bo, a game I've been wanting to learn to play since Bailie posted about it on her Instagram account - it's a new favourite!

In the evening, when all was ready, we went to church and celebrated Jesus. We came home, had supper together, and then sang carols, read the account of Jesus' birth, and then unwrapped gifts. It was such a special, relaxed, and loving Christmas eve.

On Christmas morning we drove to Durban (provided with left over Gammon rolls for breakfast on the road!) and were just in time to meet family at church. It was a really great time at church and Jesus was glorified... what a King to celebrate!
After church we came home and got changed into something cooler since the Temperatures in Durban were soaring definitely over 35 degrees C. The Turkey was cooked on the rotisserie on the braai and despite the heat, we had a delicious lunch with roast potatoes and the works. The afternoon was spent staying cool and trying not to move too much, and then we went to Gran and Grandpa for dessert.

All in all, it was great to have a sunny and warm Christmas again, full of family and food and the good news that Immanuel, God is with us. 


  1. Sounds like some wonderful christmas celebrations! I'm glad you got to be with family.

  2. Absolutely, and being with family was just the best thing.