Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Thoughts on 2014 going into 2015

But as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign LORD my refuge; 
I will tell of all your deeds. {Psalm 73:28} 

At the start of the year, this post card was given to us by the International fellowship group we're a part of. On it is printed the Jahreslosung for 2014. I read over it and gave it a little thought back then, and then the year took off. 

It's been a crazy year - I got a job, two in fact. We made more friends and were knitted tighter into our church body. Malcolm was busy with moving buildings at university while trying to discover amazing things in the lab. We travelled to Berlin, Limburg, Karlsminde, Kassel, Heidelberg, and Cologne, as well as Vienna. We made our little home ours and made friends with people in our building. Malcolm turned 26 (his first birthday in Germany) and I turned 25. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We celebrated being in Germany for a year. We prayed for sick parents and grandparents. We were visited by my parents. We were able to come home and visit South Africa and see our families again. We experienced God's mercy and goodness over and over. 

I guess one of the biggest things to happen, simply because of it's far-reaching effects, is the fire in our building in June. With a fire directly under our apartment and damaging all the wiring and coming close to the gas-system, we're aware of how fortunate we are that nothing exploded. The smoke that rose and filled the 12 story building and trapped many people on their balconies, could easily have killed people who were asleep at 4:30 am. But the situation was redeemed, God protected us and his mercy was so evident. Despite not being able to go back home, we were so well looked after as friends and their families and people from our church who we'd never met, took us in and looked after us. We were then fortunate to get a temporary apartment from student housing until we could go back. We now know that next year we need to move, so we prayed and asked God that he'd keep us in Richtsberg, and He answered. Things are looking good for us to be moving in February, though you can pray with us that the contract is okay and that the process goes smoothly since we haven't been around to sign the contract yet. 

I often went back to our apartment to fetch bits and pieces out of it, and this postcard was stuck on the front door, always the last thing I'd see before locking up behind me. It reminded me that what really mattered was that God was with us; it is good to be near Him. He has been our refuge this last year, and His deeds are unbelievably good. He brought us back to see our families now over Christmas, and has never once forsaken us this last year. 

Looking forward to 2015, the verse is 

I'm excited about his verse. I'm excited about the people that God is preparing for us to welcome. I'm excited to see what "welcome" means and how it'll bring glory to God in 2015. 


  1. What a wonderful verse to center your year on!

  2. I agree! Usually the Jahreslosungen (don't even know what they are in English...) just sort of blew over my head as they were read in church, but the last couple years they've really spoken to me.