Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 in pictures

Cut my own hair // nailed stuff into our walls // snow // love from home

rainbows over Richtsberg // flowers through the thawed out ground // a walk to Moischt

Planted our potplants // tulips at the market // celebrating our first wedding anniversary // coffee on our balcony

Travelling with mum and dad // Malcolm's Birthday // exploring Marburg with mum and dad // wheels! 

Spring flowers // a new job // surprises left by mum // celebrating a year in Germany // exploring on bikes

A trip to Berlin with friends // the start of the world cup soccer (GERMANY!) // a decorated bedroom // the building on fire 

our building's fire making headlines // reunions with fellow residents // a trip to Wiesbaden // a looser definition of home 

Kinderferienwoche // a rather large collection of keys // the view over Marburg // a Summer holiday at the Baltic sea (with jackets on...?) 

A welcome to a new temporary home // my piece of Africa // sunflower picking for my birthday // the start of autumn // Petra visiting 

An inspiring conference // a trip to Heidelberg // visiting Vienna // Praying for Richtsberg 24/7

Cath and Wes' visit // the start of teaching English // blue skies in November?? // Advent 

Celebrating Christmas with friends // the lights of Marburg // my wedding dress still fits! // Jesus' birth // Sunny South Africa


  1. Great post idea! Loved seeing your year in short with the pictures, you guys have had a tough year with the apartment situation, but so many adventures and love from family as well! How long is your visit in SA?

  2. It's a whole lot easier doing it in pictures than writing ;) We're here for 5 and a half weeks total, but we're already over the half way mark now.

  3. What a great 2014! I love the graphics and how you organized this! Cheer to the new year.