Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Vienna {part 3}

Our third day in Vienna, we left after breakfast to go to a little town called Zellerndorf for their Pumpkin Festival. Not really knowing what to expect, besides cold weather, we went with an open mind to see what the Kurbisfest would be like!

Let's sum it up like this: pumpkin can be added to just about anything. Pumpkin fritters and pumpkin-kase-spatzle are definite hits!

 The festival carried all the way through this little town alone the main (only) road. Many of the vendors were in the rooms used to store wine as they are built into the hills. A hobbit's life is possible! It was fascinating peering into the rooms and seeing how huge some are, despite their simple entry ways.
Besides the various wine and pumpkin decor, it was also interesting to see people dressed in traditional Tracht - it really felt like another world!

After seeing all there was to see, and tasting what we wanted to taste, we drove further north to Retz, close by to the boarder with the Czech Republic. We just had a quick look at the town square, and while it might not look all thaaaaat impressive, it apparently has an impressive network of cellars underneath. Also, just outside of town stands the last fully functioning windmill left in Austria - no photo of that though, because I was too cold to want to get out the car...

With the setting back of clocks, the sun set earlier than I was used to as we made our way back to Vienna. We headed up Leopoldsberg to the Klosterneuberg Monastery. We wandered around the grounds in the dark and peered into the church where the monks were chanting and preparing for mass. It was an atmosphere difficult to describe.

We drove further up Leopoldsberg to see a beautiful view of Vienna by night, twinkling below. With hardly anybody else there, and just the lights of buildings visible, it was lovely.

We drove back down through the fancy Grinzing Bezirk and marveled at the huge houses and restaurants with twinkling fairy lights outside. We continued back into the city centre, where Luitgard knew of a good restaurant that was open (tricky to find on a Sunday evening with no reservation!) and we ended our day in a cosy pub-style restaurant for dinner.


  1. Your photos from the pumpkin festival are enchanting! I love the photo with the well house. The weather just LOOKS cold in your pictures, I don't blame you for choosing to stay in the car instead of capturing a photo of the windmill!

  2. Haha, that is SO true about pumpkin. In England, we aren't so 'hardcore' about adding pumpkin to things like they are in the states, so nothing could prepare me for Germany! Although it looks like Austria tops it ;).

  3. the pumpkin fests have just about ended over here, but i wish they could keep going year round - pumpkin is one of my favorite flavors :) love the pictures!

  4. You really had such an amazing trip!!! :-)

  5. It was like a whole other world! (a very cold one, at that!)

  6. Right?!? Although when it comes to asparagus I think Germany wins, right??

  7. I love pumpkin too, mostly just for soup and a recipe for Butternut Tagine that I found... so sad that it's not around the whole year!