Saturday, 1 November 2014

Vienna {Part 1}

October 24th saw us setting off to Vienna on this long awaited trip. Our tickets have been booked for a couple months now, and with a busy few months behind us, it was easy to push the excitement aside. We'd been invited by family there after my parents visited back in April, and took the invitation up happily! I visited with my mom and brother in 1998, but remember little of it, and this was our chance to get to know my 3rd cousins (ie. we share a great, great grandfather) now that we're all grown up!

We flew midday from Frankfurt. It was a little confusing as the boarding gate wasn't displayed and as boarding time drew nearer I eventually took a deep breath and used one of the phones next to the displays to call information. It was SO simple and hardly scary (I usually avoid phone conversations...) and we could hurry off to the gate, only to find our flight delayed by an hour.

The flight was smooth, and the Austrian Airlines Red Ticket is really good value for money! Despite some negative reviews I read about it, it was great.

We arrived at the airport and were met by Luitgard, mum's 2nd cousin. We took the train to their apartment and had some coffee, then got ready to go to the VolksOper. The strassenbahn was a little dodgy and despite it being cute and antique looking, I clutched my bag tightly. Meanwhile, we practically got whiplash from whipping our heads from side to side to take in all the beautiful buildings we passed. Riding along the ring, the grand architecture and sights are marvelous.

We were running out of time to get to the Opera on time, but after a light jog we made it. It might be the Volksoper, but it's still the grandest place I've ever sat! It was beautiful and the show, Frau Luna, was so good. The Berliner accents mixed with all sorts of others were a little confusing, but fortunately there are English overtitles so we could follow. The dances and singing and stage were all breathtaking and it was just a perfect opening to our time in Vienna.

Afterwards, feeling really tired from the long day, we decided to get a quick bite to eat, which turned out to be a fun experience at the Naschmarkt. The fresh air woke us up again and revived our energy, and it was really fun. We sat in an interesting restaurant, and then eventually headed back to the apartment to get ready for day 2!