Wednesday, 29 October 2014


September was great - It was my birthday month and a fun one.

We moved from our very kind host-family who took us in for 2 months, into a different student residence. We won’t be able to move back into our apartment this year – but hopefully early next year (that’s a minimum of 6 months that we’ll have been out) we can go back.

We’re happy where we are now... in a 2 room apartment that’s intended for a flat-share. Malcolm and I each have our own post box, since we technically each rent a room, and he’s a pretty cool house mate.

Our first evening, after cleaning and sorting things out at the other place, we got to our flat and I was excited to bake pizza. However, after opening the oven and seeing how dirty it was, student-digs-mode kicked in and we ended up making pizza in the frying pan. Since we have no couch, we spent the evening eating pizza and drinking wine (bought and mostly used to make Risotto) out of coffee mugs in bed while watching How I Met your Mother and Dragon Ball episodes. A good start to our time here!

For my birthday, we celebrated the weekend before with a bike ride out to try and find a field of Sunflowers that I’d seen when driving with somebody back to Marburg. We weren’t sure if we’d find it, but, after riding through various one-blink-towns, I was delighted when we did. Malcolm bought me a bunch of them and we had a picnic, then rode back to Marburg.

That weekend we also went to the Marburg Open Air Cinema to Watch Monsieur Claude und Seine Tochter. It was super-romantic and lots of fun, plus the movie is hilarious.

On my actual birthday, I was thoroughly spoiled with chocolate brownies and coffee in bed for breakfast. Malcolm also gave me the most beautiful necklace, made by his dad. Seeing as so many people who visit Africa have some piece of jewelry to reflect it, I thought that it’s about time I have a piece of my favourite and birth continent too. Malcolm, knowing my mind, organised it and I love it.

That evening some friends came over to have a picnic in our empty room (since we don’t have enough chairs...), which was really good.

The weekend after my birthday, Petra came to visit and we got to show off Marburg and its splendour. We wandered around to see the castle, E-kirche, the old cobble stone city, had lunch at 1900 (finally had auflauf...!), and had a look at the Sudviertel market. It was really fun and good to see her again.

Of course, there were also late afternoon walks through the forest enjoying the autumn leaves and soft sunlight. Also time spent sitting at the Lahn (ubiquitous graffiti has become invisible to us until I see it in photos...).

All in all, September was great. It’s still odd, having my birthday in Autumn instead of Spring, but it’s rather nice, with Autumn being nearly as colourful as Spring anyway.


  1. Wow--I had no idea that the fire would have caused you to be out of your apartment for so long! This looks like a cozy little place to stay, though, glad you had a great birthday month! I can't quite imagine experiencing September as "spring" though--I've lived basically on the equator, but never far below it!

  2. Sounds like it was a great month! I can't believe you have to be out of your apartment for so long! That's crazy!!!! Glad to see you back to blogging. :-)

  3. How exciting to be in a new place!! Also to have a spare room sounds wonderful!

  4. Very! It's technically the lounge, but without furnature ;)

  5. I'm glad to be back, now that we have internet set up! :)

  6. It's pretty ridiculous... we all thought it's take like 2 weeks... how wrong we were! Happy where we are now though :)
    Easter in Spring was quite a new experience for me - the whole brightly coloured egg tradition makes a tiny bit more sense when it's spring rather than autumn!

  7. Heh. Should I tell you how long Mal has managed to keep that necklace hidden? ;)