Wednesday, 29 October 2014


October has been a really busy month. 

Our church has a community centre where I volunteer a few times a week doing various things, and there have also been monthly church services there. However, these services are now twice a month, which is awesome. That means, since September I've been running the pre-school kids program during the service. You're welcome to pray with me that more kids come, and bring their parents! 
These two Sundays a month are definitely a highlight for us! 

There was also a 24/7 prayer week, where we prayed in rotation for a full week. Malcolm and I filled ourselves in for a few early morning slots, and it was so good to sit and pray and intercede for our neighbourhood while it slept. I absolutely love this place, and it feels so much like home to me. 

Then, at work we also had a big conference at the start of the month which I attended. I walked away feeling so inspired and called, and it put my work into a fuller framework so I can see where my work fits in to the bigger idea. 

October also includes the Tag der Deutschen Einheit. We weren't really sure what was all happening for it, but we ended up at the local dairy open day seeing the cows that produce milk locally, and then at a street festival celebrating all the different cultures in Marburg. It was such a great atmosphere walking through the street looking at all the different food and things from various cultures. 

Besides being kept busy within Marburg, we also traveled to Heidelberg in early October, and then to Vienna this last weekend. 

October really was filled with all sorts of different things, and the weather especially has made a drastic change! Now we wait in anticipation for friends from South Africa to come and visit us on Friday, finishing this month off with even more fun :) 

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