Wednesday, 29 October 2014


We’ve been wanting to visit Heidelberg for some time now. But, thinking it’d be no fun in bad weather, or Deutsche Bahn striking, or having other plans already, it was tricky to actually get around to it.

Finally, early October, we saw that the weather would be good, we had a free Saturday, so we went for it.

A train journey characterised by delays due to maintenance on the tracks, and we made it. I’m glad that we went early because it meant we beat everybody else who planned to take advantage of the sunshine.

We headed straight for the tourist info centre and got a map, then walked to the Altstadt, stopping at a grocery store to get a pic-nic lunch for later.

We walked along towards the marktplatz, and passed by the old Jesuit church. It’s absolutely beautiful and it’s the first of the kind we’ve seen – until now it’s mostly been gothic, dark churches.

The main town square was next, and although it was packed and there are a LOT of kitch souvenirs, it was a nice atmosphere with people soaking in the sunshine.

My favourite part of our time in Heidelberg was as we wandered over the bridge, feeling oh so in love in the romantic atmosphere of the old bridge, violin music playing and breeze blowing (my hair all over...). 

We walked to the other side and sat on a bank overlooking the river to have our picnic lunch. It was there that Malcolm checked his phone and saw that he had a message from his parents with the sad news that their dog who they’ve had since Malcolm was 10, died. It was really sad, and the romantic violin music suddenly seemed just sad and lonely. We prepared the baguette with the things we’d bought, and toasted the life of sweet teddy.

After lunch, we went on with our exploration. We went back over the bridge and then made our way up the castle. Thank goodness we are used to the hills of Marburg and the walk up to the castle wasn’t all that exhausting. We didn’t go into the castle, but wandered around it, saw the view, and enjoyed the park.

Having seen the castle, we walked back down, via the University library which is really impressive. Along the main street we bought icecream, wandered in and out of shops, and headed back to the train station.

We said goodbye to Heidelberg, having enjoyed it thoroughly. 

While in the train, we decided that since we had a half-hour stop in Frankfurt, we’d make the most of it and extend it to an hour stop. We went to the street directly by the station and found an Italian restaurant with candle light. 

We stopped and had a spontaneous date sharing Pizza, then hurried back to the station to catch the train back to Marburg. 

We missed it by a minute and were in time to see it’s lights in the distance disappear. Not a problem, we thought, we’ll catch the next one in half an hour. However, on checking again, we realised we actually had an hour and 20 minutes to wait. We looked at just about everything in a bookstore in the station, and were really glad to finally get onto the train. It wasn’t the most fun ride back, with loud soccer-fans also on board after a game.

But, despite delays, the adventure was fun and it was wonderful and we made it back home.


  1. What a fun day out! Seeing the train or bus you are meant to be on speeding away is so sad though, I always want to run after with my arms waving madly in the air!

  2. Me too, such a sad feeling!