Friday, 19 September 2014

August Happened.

August already seems too long ago to blog about. Not having internet has it's ups and downs! But, for the sake of keeping track of life and adventure, it gets an update anyway.

It seems so long ago, but at the beginning of August, I was part of the Kinderferienwoche. About 25 kids came every day to participate in various activities and hear the gospel. It was a wonderful week and it was so much fun. We went to the Edersee, summer-bobsledding, to the Lahn for a picnic and games, baked, gardened, and spent an afternoon at a castle nearby.

Meanwhile, Malcolm was hard at work, moving things from the old Chemistry building to the new one. The new building really is impressive and looks like some real science happens in it. It was a long moving process though, involving chemicals and glassware and things, and he often came home rather grubby. But, they’re now nearly all moved in and settled!

A small but rather significant milestone, was finally getting my name changed here. I’m finally a Bartlett on German systems. Thanks to mum’s never-ending work and visits to home-affairs, we were finally able to get the necessary papers to the offices here, and, one very expensive stamp later, I was a Bartlett. My ID and new passport were also super fast to get, and although it’s weird finally seeing ‘Bartlett’ in capital letters, I’m glad that my maiden name is mentioned as Geburtsname.

August also involved walks into the Altstadt, since we were living conveniently close to both the Lahn and the old part of town. It still seems unreal sometimes, that we live here, in such an old city. Plus, the views from the Lutheran church or from the castle are beautiful, especially when the clouds are doing their thing.

Unfortunately, mid-August, we got the news from Studentenwerk that we wouldn’t be able to move back into our apartment in September. Some people had been told that by September they’d be home, while those of us in heavily affected apartments expected to move back a little while later. However, due to some problems with fire-safety regulations and insurance and things, they need to install a new system in the building. While this is definitely for our protection and safety, it was immensely disappointing since we now have absolutely no indication of when we’ll be allowed to go back, not even a hint.
We’re really glad though, and content, as we now have accommodation from Studentenwerk in a different student residence and we have a contract for the next 6 months, so there’s a bit of stability again.

Anyway, with all that on our minds, it was a huge relief to get away from Marburg for a week and head up to the Baltic sea with a group of about 50 students from around the world for the ‘Internationale Sommerfreizeit’. It was an incredible week with beautiful weather, amazing scenery, peaceful boat-rides, long walks, soul-searching conversations, new friends, great meals, revelations from God’s word, fun activities, awesome games, and rest. It was just what we needed to end off August and our Summer.


We continued our August 31 tradition, and made certain we had icecream. A wonderful walnut and caramel combination enjoyed at the Lahn. 

At the end of August, or rather beginning of September, we packed up our things where we'd been living since early July, and said goodbye to the beautiful neighbourhood where we lived and the wonderful hosts who opened up their home to us.

p.s. this isn't the house we lived in, before anybody assumes. It was just a house in the area that we particularly liked the look of! 


  1. Looks like you had a beautiful August! Hope you get the internet issue fixed soon - nothing more annoying than not having a proper connection from your home! Glad to hear, you've been able to move into a new place at least semi-permanently, though - it's always a good feeling to have a little bit more stability in everyday life again. :)

  2. I love that you can just spend the afternoon at a castle like it is no big deal :)

  3. Glad you will be able to move somewhere semi-permanently at least!

  4. Sorry to hear your move back will be delayed once again! At least you have that 6 month contract and the stability it provides.

    Beautiful pictures from the church - those clouds are really amazing! And your time at the Baltic Sea looks like a lot of fun! You two got some great pictures with each other!

  5. I remember that house! Gosh I just love your Marburg pictures :) I had a reunion with Marburg friends a few weeks ago and it's made me all nostalgic. I bet it's beautiful this time of year :)

  6. The reunion must have been so much fun, reminiscing about Marburg - it really is beautiful, though in November when it just gets grey then it's a little blah... but the other 11 months I find lovely :)

  7. Having a contract is wonderful! And it was great at the Baltic sea, and you're right, being on a camp away with others means there were always people around to snap photos so they aren't all taken on timers or with Malcolm's long arms!

  8. Haha, you're right, it is a benefit here!

  9. Internet is installed since yesterday! Hooray! :D