Monday, 4 August 2014

Summer Lovin' (July)

July has been blissful. 

Germany experienced its month of Summer... long days, soft warm sun, green grass... 

We’ve made the most of it, too. As much as I long to go back to our flat, the reality is that we can’t, and we need to deal with it. Plus, we enjoyed staying with friends in other friends’ flat in Richtsberg, and we then moved to a guest-flat that belongs to a couple in our church. It’s ideally located close to the Lahn, so we’ve spent lots of time there. 

So, some highlights of July... 

(but before you think life is only idyllic here, not pictured are the mosquito bites, the sweaty-rides in the heat up to Richtsberg, police interviews, apartment-packing, and usual mundane things like dishwashing and laundry ;) )

Germany became the Welt Meister! We watched with friends in Richtsberg, rooted for Germany, celebrated their win, and then enjoyed the atmosphere as we rode through town. 

We celebrated the Summer at the CenTral Sommer Fest. Water balloon fights, games, face-painting, cake, sunshine, fellowship... 

Ice-cream dates at the Lahn, watching the sun go down. 

Walks in the forest nearby, cut short only by the brambles. 

Evening bike rides out to the lake, where we sat watching water-skiers practice while we drank coke. 


I went with collegues at work on an outing to Wiesbaden to see the city and then see the house where the organisation was founded. 

Malcolm and I then visited Wiesbaden again, because I found it so beautiful that I wanted him to see it to. Worth it. 

We had sunshiney picnics at the Lahn, and grilled with friends from 88.

And celebrated a friend’s year-anniversary of arriving in Germany by paddling on the Lahn and eating icecream.

 It’s been good. It feels a lot like Christmas must be around the corner, since these sort of hot, mosquito and sunshine filled days, feel just like the Christmas holidays I’m used to. I also had a spontaneous job interview, which went well. Meanwhile, Malcolm has been packing things in the lab up, preparing for the move to their new building. Life is full of moving. We also packed things in our apartment up so that it can be cleaned, and then hopefully soon we'll be allowed to move back in. We're hopeful!
Despite some stress, it sort of feels carefree, moving around and spending our Summer away from our apartment. In a way, I really wish that we could cling to these idyllic, long, warm, summer days, since I know they’ll be over in a moment.


  1. Wow--it's definitely been a long time since you guys have been in your own "home"! Hopefully the cleaning up process ends soon, but in the meantime you look like you've been making the most of the days. And that face painting you got was awesome!

  2. Sounds like it was a fun July! Although, I hope you get to move home soon!!!

  3. Love your upbeat attitude!

  4. It seems that you really enjoyed the summer. July was a great month here too. Warm and sunny and full of adventures month.

  5. It sounds like you've had a nice summer despite the tragedy of your apartment! Also hoping you'll be able to move back soon!

    That picture you took of the field is beautiful! Love the colors there. That face painting looks pretty intense (awesome)! Did they just use normal paint for that, it looks different from any face painting I've seen!

  6. I actually have no idea, I think it was normal though... the sponges were dipped in water to get the softer colours and then just painted over and dabbed with glitter :D

  7. Summer really was wonderful, too bad it's over now!

  8. Not much else we can do! ;)

  9. I haven't had my face painted in years, it was so much fun!