Monday, 2 June 2014


May has absolutely flown by, and with it, many little things that just never had a post of their own. 


Long afternoons turning into evening, hanging out on our veranda...

Surprise birthday celebrations for a dear friend...

Afternoons spent waiting in beautiful, sunny parks...

Our flowers beginning to bloom...

Our four-year-dating anniversary celebration, a walk to buy icecream and then stopping to watch the sun go down...

Sweet gifts to welcome me to the Office...

Making new friends...

Celebrating a year in Germany by cooking South African food and sharing an evening with friends...

Let's see what June brings!


  1. Looks like a busy and enjoyable month!

  2. Awww... It looks like it was a great month!

  3. Ahh looks like fun! Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous

  4. Lovely photos. Sounds like May was a good month.

  5. Yay 1 year in Germany!! How time flies! And the German parks this time of year, unbeatable!

  6. chess on the veranda, birthday celebrations, bike rides, and flowers? all my favorite things :) looks so, so lovely!

  7. all of those things! every one of em...the best! happy for you two ;)

  8. Hi Erica, what a sweet, wonderful post. I truly enjoyed each of your event. Each of them seem special and very meaningful. My favorite is how you celebrated your year one in Germany. How I wish I can try your South African cooking:) I'm with you - May came and went. Your post made me look back to my May. I realized a lot of lovely little things happened. The highlight of which was taking my Mom to Rome for a week for her 70th birthday:)