Friday, 2 May 2014

the best and worst thing about life is that nothing lasts forever

April has been and gone. 
With it, have my parents. They're back safely in South Africa now, 
and I'm left contemplating everything that has happened in the last month. 

We walked, a lot. We saw, a lot. Cities and ruins and castles and statues and fields and clouds and rivers. While mum and dad covered Munich, Vienna, Oberammergau, and Stuttgart, we were fortunate enough to travel with them to Limburg on the Lahn, and then with mum to Kassel. They got a chance to see what our lives here look like, what we do, where we go, who we meet. We shared Easter eggs, Germany's finest cuisine (the doner), some baking adventures and walks in the forest and in the rain. In the evenings we all improved our Elfer-Raus skills, and got pretty good at Jenga too. Mum discovered her secret super-power of loosening pieces of granite with her eyes. After daddy went back, mum stayed on for an extra week. She was around to help me push my bike all the way up the hill for the first time, and enjoyed the downhills too. God's timing was perfect as she was here to help me prepare for my first ever job-interview in German, and to be there afterwards with cherry-coke and a snack.

We were thoroughly spoiled and even now, I find little notes in odd places left by mum. The space under the cupboard seems empty without their bags, and the bathroom floor dries too quickly now that there are two showers less each day. There are crumbs at the bottom of my coffee mug in the morning from the rusks we baked. I hate coming into the lounge in the morning and not seeing them there, or not hearing mum ring the bicycle bell she bought for Martin.
I miss sharing life with people who matter so much to me. A blog and skype and facebook and all the technology in the world helps, but it doesn't beat walking down the road holding hands with mum, or replicate the everyday moments of seeing daddy solve Sudoku puzzles.

I miss them so much, and them coming to visit has left me feeling blue now that they've gone back. But, I wouldn't trade my sadness now if it meant I lost that wonderful month of making new memories with them, because it was so worth it.

And, as Shannon always says, the best and worst thing about life is that nothing lasts forever.


  1. I know exactly what you mean! Feels like I'm now getting over my trip to South Africa blues. It so amazing that you have those memories and that you were so fortunate to have that time with loved ones, but with that comes the disappointment that it's over for now. It's a good sign though, imagine they left and you said to Malcom 'phew I'm so glad they're gone' haha now that would horrible! Looked like you had some amazing adventures in April! And trust me, the post-adventures-amazing-people blues pass, I promise! x

  2. PS- feel free to share that rusk recipe!

  3. Sounds like such a wonderful time you had together!

  4. The post-fun blues are no fun, but worth it for the great time before. I'm glad that they pass though... I'm still bleak when I think of how much longer til the next time, and that too will pass quickly, but mostly I've found that life just goes on.
    The rusk recipe is on pinterest - a pretty easy recipe actually... it's just the waiting for them to dry out that I found difficult!