Monday, 5 May 2014

The Bentleys Abroad {part 5} Easter Weekend

After mum and dad had travelled to Vienna, Munich, Oberammagau and Stuttgart, they arrived back late on the Thursday evening.

I was so excited to see them again! We sat around eating cheese and bread and drinking wine, after having read the account of the Last Supper, and then listened to the tales of their adventures. They also brought us some games, which are always welcome... especially since Youtube has some loading trouble on out laptop lately.

Friday morning, Good Friday, we went to church and then walked up to to Spiegelslust. It was a pretty day and I love the view from the top. Plus there's coffee at the top. And cake.

On the way down again, we went via the University so that mum and dad could see where Malcolm spends his days.

Saturday was mostly spent wandering the Sudviertel of Marburg. I love the pretty houses in the area, the trees and the park with the fountain. We ended in the Oberstadt and, with the weather as beautiful as it was, we were passed by too many people eating icecream for us to try resist. Take note that our icecream and icecream spaghetti was totally healthy, since it has nuts and raisins and strawberries.

Sunday morning we got up and took the bus early for the Easter church service in a park. Afterwards we went up to ChristHaus to have a big brunch gathering. The possibilities were endless - while mum and I had made mini-hotcross buns to take along, there was so much good looking cake, and even sushi.

Later on, after I had baked some brownies for another cake party the next day, we headed back to the Lahn, and took a slow walk all the way from the South. We enjoyed the sunshine and the prettiness of the river all the way until Erlenring, where we then hired a peddle boat. Malcolm and I chauffeured mum and dad along the Lahn to Hauptbahnhof and back again.

Malcolm was steering, and although the steering was a stick rather than a wheel, it was in the same place as a gear stick in a car, so this is about as close as we've come to driving a car in nearly a year. His parking method at the end was rather amusing... parallel parking a little boat is very different to parallel parking a car.

My legs were rather wobbly after all the peddling, but we went up the hill to the University church and the chairs outside it. I have no idea what purpose these chairs serve, besides being a good place for photos. There are excerpts from stories printed on the books in front of each chair - Pippi Langstrumf, Le Petit Prince, and The Hobbit, each in their original language and in German.

This is how Malcolm reads French. 

The next day, Monday, we went to Limberg an der Lahn, but I'll save that for another post.


  1. Those chairs are so fun!

  2. You guys live in such a picturesque place! And the peddle boat adventure looks so fun.

  3. ice cream spaghetti - ah! that sounds delicious :) also - how happy that your parents brought games? jon's parents tend to bring games and we always love it :) gorgeous photos!

  4. I was so apprehensive about it, but they just squeeze the icecream through a press and it looks like spaghetti... then topped with stuff it's so tasty!
    And I think that games make great gifts! :) (photos courtesy of my dad!)

  5. It is picturesque, I can sometimes hardly believe we live here!

  6. They're pretty cool to perch on, whatever their purpose :)

  7. It's always so nice to have family visit. Always sad to see them go too though. I'm sure you had a great time!