Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Count Down

In 24 hours, we will hopefully be arriving back in Marburg. But, not alone! With Mum and Daddy!

I've tried not to think about their visit, which has been planned since before Christmas, because I'm a pessimist and haven't wanted to get excited in case. In case of what? Well, you know, I can be quite imaginative with scenarios that can go wrong. But, now that it's so close, I'm super excited. And praying for safe arrival!

So, They arrive tomorrow. Friday we show off Marburg and celebrate Malcolm's birthday with friends. Saturday is Malcolm's birthday and we'll be in Koln for the day. That evening we'll be arriving in Bonn and we'll spend Sunday there and come back that night.

I cannot wait.

Next week they'll be off again for some adventuring by themselves, visiting family too, but then they'll be back for the Easter weekend.

Expect a quiet blog, and then an explosion of activity.


  1. :) Yay for time with Mom and Dad! I'm also the type who doesn't like to get too excited too early in case things don't work out (my own family is notoriously unreliable...or at least our lifestyle is). You guys will have some fun adventures this week!

  2. It worked out! Nothing terrible happened and we had the most amazing weekend :)

  3. Thank you, I've been waiting SO long :)

  4. Totally exciting - to finally have them in our home seeing our lives is super-cool :D

  5. Absolutely! :D And yes, Europe is so small!