Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Bentleys Abroad {Part 1}

Yep, not only are the Bartletts here (and yes, I'm officially a Bartlett now, since our marriage certificate and my new SA ID are now in our possession... only been a year!), but my parents are too!

Well, actually they've left this morning to do some more exploring for a week or so, but they'll be back again for Easter. 

This last weekend with them, travelling a bit and celebrating Malcolm's birthday was just wonderful!

They left SA on Wednesday evening, on the same flight that Malcolm and I took to get here - fortunately they flew Emirates and weren't at all affected by the Lufthansa strike! However, they were delayed in Dubai for just under an hour.

Malcolm and I made our way to Frankfurt airport, and, after being tempted by McDonalds (we haven't had McD's in over 6 months!), met with Petra at the arrivals area. We waited and waited. My neck started hurting from all the craning to see over the crowd. My ankles got stronger from standing on my tippy toes. Just about anybody who came around the corner got my hopes up, and then dashed them when they were not mum and daddy.

And then, finally, they appeared!

It was the weirdest thing. Finally, I hugged them hullo, and then didn't know what to do with myself. They were there. Right in front of me.

Petra showed us the way back to the train station (airports are confusing!) and soon we were back on our way to Marburg. The train was packed with evening commuters, and we were certainly the happiest of the bunch in our carriage.

When we got back, we had coffee and Hot Cross Buns. Yep, Mum, legend that she is, brought us Hot Cross buns all the way! They were rather squished. But so good.

They also brough us a little piece of Africa for our home here.

With it still being light, and not having mush to do at home, we went for a walk around Richtsberg, and it was fun showing them our area and the forest close by.

mom-daughter selfies! 


  1. How exciting@ Visiting family is just the most wonderful thing!

  2. Ahh, the waiting must have been almost painful!! I tend to be very impatient in airports That Africa-shaped sign they gave you guys is very cool!