Thursday, 10 April 2014

Malcolm's Birthday {Part one}

Malcolm is 26! He now has 5 days experience of being a 26 year old, and I must say, he's doing pretty well at it.

For Malcolm's actual birthday we were in Cologne and Bonn, but wouldn't really be celebrating his Birthday as much as wandering the city. I find his Birthday very important to celebrate, since it's the day that little Malcolm first arrived in the world, and that day has great significance for my life. Therefore, he needed a party, even if it was just a little one.

Friday after showing mum and daddy around Marburg, we came home and got to work making pizza. We had Hawaiian, 4 seasons, Barbecue chicken and Biltong on the menu. And Millionaire Shortbread Cake for afterwards (I changed the recipe quite a bit, just for convenience...)

The birthday cake Torte

We sang happy birthday in various languages, while Malcolm watched uncomfortably as the wax melted onto his cake. It's okay though, as we told everybody that in our tradition, whoever gets the piece with the most wax on, is considered lucky. And then we clarified that we were joking. But that's the fun of intercultural friendships, right? :)
At the end of "happy birthday" we even did the "hiphip hooray" thing that I haven't heard since getting here, so that was fun.
Malcolm got thoroughly spoiled by everybody. He even got a whole load of biltong from his parents, which was met with confusion and curiosity.

Plus, despite it being considered bad luck here to celebrate or wish somebody a happy birthday before the actualy birthday, Malcolm lived to see his actual birthday the next day. Hip hip hooray! :)


  1. Wow, what a delicious birthday meal! Happy Birthday, Malcolm!

  2. oh gosh, erica- this all looks amazing! that pizza is unreal, and the lineup sounds like something you would find at an italian pizzeria.. and the cake (torte)? lovely as something from a bakery... but the candles are probably my favorite part :)

  3. Thank you! The candles were pretty cool, and spelled out "happy birthday" so I didn't need 26 of them ;) and apparently, the difference in German between a kuchen and torte is that a torte has been cut or is in layers with something in between... which makes it sound extra fancy :D