Friday, 14 March 2014

Wedding Flashback: Reception and YUM!

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I'm aware that I'm not really writing in any sort of logical order... 

When choosing a reception venue, I had one thing in mind: it needed to have an outdoor-sy feel, and a big tree where we could have our first dance.

On a visit to eShowe, Mum and I went to go have a look at the "Old House", which was being renovated into a wedding venue. When we arrived, we saw this:

It looks ghastly, but I was so excited by it, because the atmosphere was just exactly what I was looking for. We originally wanted an evening wedding outside, but eventually plans changed and the airy house was perfect for a lunch-time reception. The fact that I sent Malcolm these photos and a video where one can hear all the bashing and building going on, and said "this is where I'd like our reception to be", shows how much he trusts me!
6 months later, the house was all ready. They'd worked with our wedding as a deadline, and I was thrilled with how it turned out.

In the last year they've done even more renovations, and you can check the Facebook page to see how stunning it looks now!

Anyway, guests arrived and signed our guest-book at this little table. The table is called "Johannele" or something, and I'm not entirely sure why furniture has a name. But our telephone at home usually stands on this little table.

Malcolm and I were off having photos taken with Anabel, Cara, Martin and Craig, and guests were invited to relax and enjoy the morning. There was tea and coffee and juice and snacks, and picnic blankets and comfy chairs and newspapers, and music.

Dave Stark : Solo music events
Lemon cupcakes. I made the chocolate hearts in advance, and realised the late afternoon before that we'd forgotten to ice them, so kind Mrs Reid came to the rescue. We dropped them off with her, and the next day, there they were! 
Tante Eileen's savoury mini-muffins.
When she invited us for tea one day, little did she know that the muffins she served us would be so good that I'd ask her to make them for the wedding! And she allowed me to go through her kitchen to find pretty platters and her linen cupboard to find crocheted table cloths! 
pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, chilli-cheese cookies, and ginger-bread hearts.
Mum made the chilli-cheese cookies, and I spent a Friday morning taking over Mrs Boote's kitchen to bake all the chocolate chip cookies and ginger bread hearts! 

There's only one place where one can get about 25 identical cane chairs with covers that match our colour scheme. But that's a secret. 
 After tea-time was over, we all came in for lunch. We had Brezeln and butter as starters while the speeches were being made. The main course was cooked and served by hospitality students from the High School, under the supervision of Mrs Upfold. For dessert, we had cake and home-made icecream.

gold and blue leaf wedding cake
Our beautiful wedding cake - vanilla cake with caramel cream and peacan nut filling.
Baked by mum and decorated by Tannie.
The leafy-theme carried through from my engagement ring, and the fact that it was autumn. I just wish I'd chosen the right colour gold ribbon! 

Yep, mum made the icecream too, AND cut it into hearts ahead of time. Can we give her a big gold star? 
See, when I say it was a "Team Effort" I'm not joking! I'm so thankful for all those who contributed to make it the perfect day.

(ps. the icecream recipe is on the blog of Bits of Sunshine, though mum made it plain vanilla.Heidi has some awesome recipes, printables, AND she makes 'sweet' bracelets and jewelry and sells them on her online Mini Bakes store!) 


  1. ahh! i'm giddy over here. your dress is LOVELY. and that cake is fab...I love it all!

  2. Oh wow--you definitely must have had the eye for the potential in that reception venue because it certainly changed a lot between when you first saw it and when you got married!! And I love the ice cream cut into hearts--too cute!

  3. what a transformation! that was amazing
    and you had such a lovely wedding, too!

  4. Love the feeling of your reception! It looks so relaxed and home-y! The wrap around porch is amazing!

    You guys did so much work to pull off your wedding. I've been there and its hard (but fun) so you, your mom, and all your family, friends, and hubby get gold stars in my book! It really takes a lot of support from everyone to pull that off!

  5. Good for you for seeing the potential in that house. I think I would have run away screaming. ;-) Your reception is gorgeous!

  6. Ah I'm glad you enjoyed it - wedding posts are sure to make me giddy too! And thank you :)

  7. Well, the vision was explained to me, and honestly the result beat my expectations at the end of it all! Plus they were so sweet and even planted blue and white flowers because they're our colours! :)

  8. It was an amazing transformation for sure! Thanks!

  9. It was so relaxed, I loved it! And yes, the porch! It was so wide and beautiful and there was plenty of space for guests to hang out.
    Oh man, sometimes I really wished we had a wedding planner to do it all, but it's so meaningful now looking back and remembering all the kindness that people showed, and all the love that people poured in!

  10. Haha, I had a couple days of doubt, when it had been raining while they were trying to finish the driveway and garden, and everything was just mud... but fortunately I lived far away enough to forget about it and then I'd receive a photo of the progress and it was always such a drastic improvement that I'd be thrilled! :)