Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wedding Flashback: Photography

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I'm aware that I'm not really writing in any sort of logical order...

Pinterest has got to be one of the best and worst things that has happened to wedding planning. Right? Right.
You know what I mean, where you see all those beautiful photos, and really just want them to be of you? Or is that just me?

Here's the thing though. Despite me loving yellow and sunflowers and getting reprimanded by a lecturer for smiling too much, I'm such a pessimist. I was terrified of the photos because, well, what if I looked terrible in them all? Couple this with perfectionism, that I have to have beautiful photos, and you get a rather tall order. However, I was able to push most of this aside, and was really focused on NOT pandering to the camera. You know, if there's a cute shot of the groom gently kissing his new wife's shoulder, that's beautiful, but I didn't want to constantly be trying to create photo-ops; that's what the posed photos were for, but the ceremony and all that, that needed to be for-the-moment. 

Finding a photographer was, thanks to magazines advising brides to book their photographer a year in advance, not easy. With 6 months notice, most photographers were already booked. But, one afternoon, stalking my way through Facebook, I noticed a friend's wedding photos, and asked her who took them. 

And that's how I found Cara-Lee Gevers. 

Because she was travelling so far, we organised accommodation for her with a family-friend, so that she could be there early on our wedding morning. That morning, she took photos of the venue, as we'd promised them some photos, and then, after taking photos of Malcolm, came to me. 

It was so great that she made herself comfortable and disappeared with my dress to photograph it. Then, with directions as clear and as professional that can only come from all her work with fashion photography, she got me to pose for photos. And I hardly felt awkward at all! Not only did she get some beautiful photos with my grandmother's mirror, but she also took a whole bunch outside too. She sees the potential in everything, including our garage door. 

Our couple-photos were meant to be taken just before midday after the ceremony, but the sun was too harsh, so she suggested that she take them after the reception. She had all the patience in the world and took her time taking so many photos. So much so that she ended up staying another night! 

She also scouted out this old wall and asked us to go there. We had a man come out and ask us why we're taking photos by such an ugly, overgrown piece of land, and he offered us his garden, but I love how these photos turned out! 

What I also really love, is that we got ALL the photos she took - which means that even if she edited a photo that I don't really like my expression in, at least I have tons of others. What it also means, is that we have some truly terrible photos, pulling faces that I never knew I could. And ones where we look terribly grumpy. Or fun, spontaneous ones. And lots of them! 

Because it's just tiring smiling all day. Scrunching relieves some of that muscle strain. 

You really thing that those being-lifted-high-in-the-air-shots only need one take? When you've never tried it before? 

Especially when you have an enthusiastic dog around wanting to be part of the fun.

Malcolm doesn't look too happy about sharing his jacket. 

Why sprinkle petals when you have a whole packet of them, hey daddy? 

When one comes across a trampoline, of course this will happen. 
Immediately after the first-kiss, getting my makeup off his jacket. whoops... 

Again, getting my makeup off his clothes. Futile. 

I'm not sure what the significance of the number 9 is, nor why I'm so excited to display it. 

Caught outside trying to get cake-crumbs out of my dress. 

The great thing is, is that Cara-Lee not only works in South Africa, from Pretoria to Eshowe to Vryheid, but ALSO in Germany. 


  1. What beautiful photos, Erica! Photography was the one thing we splurged on for our wedding because we knew we would be looking at the photos for a long time to come.

  2. Oh my! Those pictures are too die for....I can't wait till Hubby and I renew our vows and get some good pictures!

  3. Your dress is just perfect on you, and you look so wonderfully happy in these.

  4. :) I'm just smiling! I also love that we got all the photos of our wedding, even the crazy-ish ones. I would have loved outdoor photos--but maybe that will be something for an anniversary! Yours are so gorgeous! And that wall with the vines is SWEET! I like both candid and totally posed pictures, I think they're both cute!

  5. Hi Erica, you were a very beautiful bride. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of your special day. They really captured your love and happiness that day. Your photographer did great. I love that old wall she scouted for you.

  6. Thanks! It was probably the most expensive single thing for us too, although we got so much for free that it's not hard ;) Photos really are worth it!

  7. Vow renewal sounds great! And hey, you can have pictures taken any time for anything... it's just fun :)

  8. Thank you! It was a wonderfully happy day indeed!

  9. Getting them all is really cool - there are some that are just fun to see and laugh about, even if they'll never get framed or anything. And wasn't your wedding in winter? That would be brave to go outside for any length of time!

  10. Haha... we'd been standing there in the bush of flowers smiling and looking serene for far too long - it was just a matter of time til the scrunching started!

  11. Yeah he seriously reprimanded me because I smiled! Not a bad thing in my opinion! I'm so glad that we found a photographer who was still available, and such a good one too! :D

  12. Thank you! And yes, that wall - I'd never paid much attention to it, it was opposite my highschool and was always just there... nothing special. But in photos! I love it :)