Thursday, 13 March 2014

Wedding Flashback: Getting ready

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I'm aware that I'm not really writing in any sort of logical order... 

I love reading about other people's wedding experiences... going wedding-dress shopping, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over shoes, having a luxurious bubble bath the morning of the wedding day... It sounds quite idyllic to me! However, not everything that one sees in a magazine or online works out just like that. And I'm quite glad...

Let's start with the shoes.

Wondering why they look so worn and beat-up on the inside? They were mum's wedding shoes!
I'm SO glad that I didn't need to buy shoes for our wedding - and I'm quite sure that mum is equally happy, because she knows just how fussy I can be. The fact that we wear the same size was a huge advantage, as I could save money and save myself frustrating shoe shopping. As a child I loved clomping around in these, and often imagined walking down the aisle in them. I'm so glad that I could!

My dress obviously needed to match the shoes, which aren't pure white, and I really hit the jackpot with the fabric we found!
I did go dress-shopping with my mum once, and tried on beautiful dresses, but none of them were quite what I wanted. I didn't know what I wanted, but what I saw wasn't it. Lots of pinterest-searching ensued, and eventually I pieced together bits and pieces and elements that I loved. I heard of a dress-maker in town, Cathy Hutton, and after meeting with her, she drew my dream-dress. Next, we went shopping and found the lace and silk that I loved, and I left it all in her capable hands. There were some scary moments where I wasn't sure I knew what I wanted, and had no second opinion besides Cathy's. It was really exciting, though, arriving at home a couple days before the wedding to reveal my dress to my parents for the first time! But it turned out, in my mind, beautifully. I love how soft it is, and it was unbelievably comfortable!

The locket I wore also saved me some decision making as it's also my mother's and holds a picture of my dad and of Malcolm.

On the morning of mum's wedding, she washed her car and had a cold bath because there was no hot water available. With that in mind, did I expect a bubble bath and champagne? Certainly not... especially when the ceremony started at 10am!

The night before, we had a braai with all the family that was already in town, and it was a great time to relax and get to know each other. But, I got home quite late and realised I still needed to wash my hair. Not wanting to mess up my nails (which I'd already done by buckling my seatbelt and driving my car straight after they were done, as I was in a hurry to leave), Anabel washed my hair over the bath. She'd also brought a bunch of nail polish with and, after scrubbing my feet, painted my toe nails! I hadn't thought about them!

The next morning, I had a hair appointment at 7am, and makeup back at home at 8. Despite the rush, I was feeling quite calm in my parents' bedroom having my makeup done. I could hear our dog, Ruby, being coaxed for photos, Anabel sorting out her makeup and packing up my things, Martin heading over to Malcolm... things were buzzing but all was well in the world. For the photos, I specifically wanted to incorporate this brush set of my gran's - a present to her from my grandfather for her 18th birthday.

Of course, all the while, Malcolm was getting ready at a B&B, and then waiting at the church looking all handsome. 

All in all, a pretty great start to one of the very best days! 


  1. YOU ARE STUNNING! Seriously, these pictures are breathtaking!!! So beautiful. What a gorgeous bride. I loooove your dress, and the hair... amazing!

  2. first of all, you looked gorgeous. GORGEOUS! and I love that you wore your mama's shoes. what a sweet way to honor your parents :)

  3. That is amazingly cool that you had your dress custom-made just for you!! AND that you wore your mom's wedding shoes! I wore a pair of shoes that I'd already had for a while for my wedding...and I've worn them many times since. I highly doubt they'll last till I have children getting married! :)

  4. Aww, and you're so sweet to say so!

  5. Thanks Nicole! It was a really cool way to incorporate meaning and sentimentality! :)

  6. Amazingly cool is also that it was MUCH cheaper than buying a dress! The dresses in its price-range were none that I loved, so this was definitely a win!
    The shoes were also old ones of my mum's that she wore before, decided were comfy, and then dyed to match her dress. But since they were then dyed, she stopped wearing them and they were preserved for me :D

  7. Oh, a good price always adds to the cool factor! ;) I bought my wedding dress in Malaysia because I knew I'd find the best price there!

  8. I think that's the first time I've seen a detail of the bottom of your dress - love it! Those shoes were perfect with it as well. How neat that they were your mom's too, and that you used to play in them. So special!

  9. I loved the lace at the bottom of the dress - it was love at first sight. It was also available in plain white, but the beading and the cream just matched the shoes so perfectly and made it all fit together. And sparkle a tiny bit! :)