Monday, 10 March 2014

Wedding Flashback: The ceremony

Continuing our wedding flashbacking... previous posts include: 
The church we got married in was the one that I've attended since we moved to eShowe in 1995. I'd sometimes imagine myself getting married there, and I was so glad that I could.

Arriving there and walking in with the sound of the bells ringing and my cousin playing "morning" on the piano, was really special.

wedding ceremony ariel view

It was also really simple to decorate. Have you ever tried hanging flowers from pews? When they're square and wide? I haven't, and the thought of it sounded difficult to me.
The result is the greatest Bartlett-invention ever. (In my mind, at least)
I had a vague idea of how the flowers could be attached, but I really didn't know how I'd actually make the contraptions I envisioned. But, after getting the measurements and explaining briefly, Malcolm's parents produced these thinga-ma-jigs.

attaching flowers to pews/seats

They're made of wire, twisted into a loop at the bottom, and then making a sort of U-shape that bends over the side of the pew. We then painted them with leftover paint from the lanterns. Once they were hanging on the pews, it was so easy to plop the flowers into the ring, with no fear that they'd get knocked off or slide around with ribbon. Plus, because they were so easily placed in, they were easily removed and taken to the reception venue, where they were put into rings that were tied in place with ribbon along the rail around the house.

The ceremony was a bit of a whirlwind, as I can hardly remember walking down the isle at all. I'd imagined what it'd be like to lock eyes on Malcolm's, but honestly, I was so excited and so overwhelmed by everybody being there, that it was a sort of blur.
Jeremy, who officiated, spoke about dirty digging machines. I was flattered to be called the diamond, while Malcolm was the Tungsten Hunk.
Biggest regret? Not having a videographer. There, I said it. I really wish that we'd got somebody to record the ceremony, because that message was so powerful, but is hazy in my mind.
I'm so grateful though, that Malcolm's dad recorded the vows on his camera, and his uncle recorded most of our dance... those clips are SO precious to me!

The first kiss
We waited in the church, listening to Wolfgang play 'the sweetheart tree' on the piano as guests filed out. It was a sweet, excited, but peaceful moment.

We walked out and were showered with petals. I applaud those who manage to get photos of themselves and their partner being showered in petals and NOT pulling a face.

Yellow flower petals

Then we took a big group photo together. Once again, we were prepared and had a ladder on hand for our ever adventurous photographer.


  1. That's so cool that you got to get married in your own church, AND that it is such a beautiful one! And yeah, if I could change anything about our wedding, I would have hired a videographer. Oh well, it's too late now, but I'll talk my little sisters into doing it if they are like me and primarily thinking about saving money...

  2. What a beautiful wedding! I love the yellow flowers. So bright and cheery. You looked beautiful!

  3. You look beautiful and very happy! Weddings are wonderful.

  4. Aw these photos are beautiful! I love that you guys got a big group shot from above - what a special way to remember the day!

  5. i hope the first kiss, communion and petal throwing photos are all framed inside your house - so lovely!

  6. It never occurred to me to get married anywhere else, and I'm so glad that everybody was ok with it being in my hometown rather than Malcolm's.
    I'm alright with the fact that we didn't hire one, but it would have been great. I'd definitely recommend having somebody record it, even if it's not professional or edited. Your little sisters are lucky to have you thinking of it all for them already!

  7. Thank you! I have been to so few weddings, but none have been anything less than wonderful!

  8. Thanks! I'm glad we got it, I find it so irritating when having a big group photo taken and peoples' faces are blocked.

  9. We actually have very few on display! But the communion photo is framed, and the first kiss is in the heart-collage I made :)

  10. It is a pretty one, I love the lightness of it :) And yes, I think the flower contraption is pretty handy!